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James Tiberius Kirk was a male Human who lived during the 23rd century. He served in Starfleet as commanding officer of the USS Enterprise.

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Jason Fredricks named Kirk as one of his "childhood heroes," not realizing until that point that he would meet someone who once served with Kirk.[1]

Franklin Drake compared Fredricks to Kirk, citing both individuals' impulsiveness. He also called Kirk a "temporal agent's nightmare."[2]

On stardate 4202.9, the USS Constellation encountered a planet killer. After discovering the planet killer's sole weakness, Kirk piloted the Constellation into its "mouth," destroying both the starship and the weapon.[3]

Amar Singh considered Ernie Hauser's "vendetta" against him to be comparable to Khan's "righteous feud" with Kirk in the 2280s. Ernie denied their similarity, believing himself to be seeking justice, not revenge, for his father and the others killed indirectly by Singh.[4]

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