Lieutenant Jack Mason is a Human male who lives in the 23rd century and services the Federation, Starfleet as chief security and chief tactical officer on board the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Marcia Taylor. (Starship Enterprise)

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In 2234, Jack Mason was born onboard a cargo ship to a freighter Captain and an Ambassador to Vulcan and had a wonderful childhood, growing up his father was preparing him to one day take command of the freighter ECS Ronald Regan, but Jack's mother wanted Jack to choice his own destiny when he grows up.

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Starfleet AcademyEdit

As a cadet, Mason, along with first-year cadet John Mayhill, was on a tour of the Cochrane Research Facility on Sirius IV when the reactor exploded. Twenty people, including Mayhill, were trapped in the radioactive core, and Mason watched them die of radiation poisoning from the shielded observation room. Even years afterwards, Mason would occasionally have nightmares about that day.

Starfleet SecurityEdit

Mason started his career as an ensign at Starfleet Security, where he met Captain Matthew Harris. Harris was the liaison officer to the newly created Starfleet Intelligence and sent Reed on several covert operations on behalf of both divisions. At first, he found this sort of life exiting, eventually he realized that some of the missions Harris sent him on weren't authorized by Starfleet. When Harris came under scrutiny by his superiors he left Starfleet, leaving Mason with the impression that their affiliation is over.

Starbase 11Edit

He was reassigned to Starbase 11 as a security officer and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and had a great assignment there.

USS KerelaEdit

He was assigned as chief tactical/security officer onboard the Sheppard-Class USS Kerela under the command of Captain Aiemla Evans.

USS EnterpriseEdit

Mason was assigned as armory officer aboard the USS Enterprise in April of 2254, under Captain Taylor.

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