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I am in command of this team! From now on, you will follow my orders only.
2380 ("Zenith")

J'dan was a male Klingon who served in the Zenith Alliance during the 2380s as executive officer of the IKS GhIqtal. He held the rank of commander until his death in 2380.

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J'dan joined the Zenith Alliance in the mid-2370s. In 2379, he was chosen to be Kardok's first officer on the IKS GhIqtal.[citation needed]

On stardate 56950.3, the GhIqtal was sent to the Denab system to attack and destroy the USS Enterprise-E and take her captain hostage. The GhIqtal was made to look like it had been disabled, so the Enterprise would lower its shields to beam over supplies and personnel to assist. At that time, Kardok sent J'dan and a small boarding party to capture Captain Jean-Luc Picard. A small explosive device was also beamed into the Enterprise's main engineering at the same time, to cripple the Enterprise and make it easier to destroy her.

J'dan and his team used polaric ions to hide themselves from the Enterprise's internal sensors, and sneak through the ship undetected. Lieutenant Dina Elfiki detected the polaric radiation, however, and she and Picard were able to deduce that something was awry. Picard then sent Commander Martin Madden and a security team to the cargo bay where the intruders were, to stop them. During the ensuing firefight, J'dan was shot down by Madden, and killed himself with his own knife to avoid capture. Kardok later remarked that it was unfortunate that J'dan had died before their plan had reached completion.[1]

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