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The founders of the Interspecies Republic were a group of Terrans, Gorns, Romulans, and Trills. Their goal was to bring peace and order in a universe of chaos: the mirror universe. With the help of the Federation task force led by Admiral Simon Jay Smith, they became a super power and were recognized by several powers in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

History Edit

In 2404, the Republic started as a well-organized resistance with undercover operatives posing as imperial officers in the Terran Empire. With that difficult mission the operatives were able to steal secret schematics and technology the Empire had.[citation needed]

Ranking level Edit

Prime Commander Edit

Prime Commander is the top rank in the Republic, He/She is leader and the Commander-in-Chief. During the Interspecies Resistance, General was the ranking at that time.

Fleet Commander Edit

Fleet Commander is the second highest rank and equivalent to Admiral. They command fleets and armadas. During the Interspecies Resistance, Colonel was the ranking at that time.

Star Captain Edit

Star Captain are the commanding officer of their own starship. Only a certain few have the authority to command a small fleet. During the Interspecies Resistance, Commander was the ranking at that time.

Star Commander Edit

Star Commander are the first officer to the Star Captain. Like them only a certain few have the authority to command their own ship. During the Interspecies Resistance, Major was the ranking at that time.

Notable Members Edit

Name Rank Species Status Debut
Desiree Mendroza Prime Commander (2407 - 2415) Terran Alive "Mirror Conflict"
Aligatis Fleet Commander (2407 - 2415)
Prime Commander (2415 - )
Gorn Alive "Mirror Conflict"
Michael Henley Star Captain (2407 - 2410) Terran Deceased "Mirror Conflict"
Clayton Taylor Fleet Commander (2407 - 2415) Terran Deceased "War of the Universes"
Sa'rah Star Commander (Unknown - 2415)
Star Captain (2415 -)
Caitian Alive "Mirror Conflict"
L'Tema Infiltrator (2407 - 2415) Iconian Alive "War of the Universes"
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