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"Installation 18" is the twenty-second chapter of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, written between November 2019 and February 2020 and published on 23 February 2020. It is authored by CaptFredricks.

A small, covert team of Starfleet, KDF, and Romulan Republic officers infiltrates a secret Tal Shiar base in the depths of Nimbus III, hoping to uncover the secrets that lie within.



An away team from the USS Leviathan makes preparations to beam down to Nimbus III. Jason Fredricks and Tala Jones exchange some words before she leads the away team down to the planet. Tala and her team, consisting of Jessik Cameo, Lucas Wells, and T'mar, step onto the transporter pad. Just before transport, Tala mentions that Elisa Flores passed her tactical training exam. After transporting the away team, Charlie Morgan expresses his disbelief that Captain Masc Taggart is still alive and also his desire to see him. Jason then tells him to get someone to take his place while they go visit with Taggart for a bit.

Meanwhile, on the IKS SuvwI', Kardok is seeing Law and S'lade Zdanas off, as they will be joining the Leviathan's away team on the planet's surface. Law is surprised to learn that Kardok cares about his safe return to the ship, and Kardok tells him that his crew is not like a typical Klingon Defense Force crew. Kardok then urges S'lade to discover what the Tal Shiar are hiding on Nimbus III, and the two beam down to the planet.

Act I: Base Infiltration[]

Act II: Lab of Horrors[]

Act III: The End Is Just the Beginning[]



Teaser • Jason Fredricks • Tala Jones • Jessik Cameo • Lucas Wells • T'mar • Dylyp Azeli • Charlie Morgan • Law • S'lade Zdanas • Kardok • Act I • Tovan Khev • Sora • Rhiana Valkyrie • Act II • Masc Taggart • Hakeev • Slamek • Rinna Khev • Hannah Freeman • Ernie Hauser • Crusoe • Act III • Benjamin Wells (flashback) • Lenerea Mendel
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Teaser • USS Leviathan • IKS SuvwI'


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