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The IKS Chot was a Negh'Var warship in service to the Klingon Defense Force during the 25th century. It was commanded by Kadek as of 2409.

The Chot attacked the USS Leviathan in 2409, killing most of its senior staff and leaving the ship in shambles. Kadek abducted Captain Masc Taggart, demanding strategic data on Starfleet's deployments on the Federation-Klingon border.[1]

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On 28 January 2409 (83164.0), the Chot lured the Starfleet vessel USS Leviathan into a trap, using a fake distress call under the guise of a cargo vessel called the SS Break Even. Captain Kadek sent boarding parties over to try to take over the Leviathan, but was unsuccessful in doing so. Instead, his teams managed to capture the Leviathan's captain, Masc Taggart. Kadek then attempted to use Taggart as a bargaining chip to gain what he wanted: Starfleet's fleet strategy on the Federation-Klingon border, as well as their ships' technical schematics. He then gave Ensign Jason Fredricks the choice between giving him the information or watching his captain die. Taggart convinced Jason that the Federation's safety was more important than his own, and they ended communications. Jason attempted to ram the Chot with the Leviathan, but the USS Renown warped in before he could. Unfortunately, the Chot warped out of the system, just as the Renown received a distress call from another Starfleet vessel.[1] It remained unknown what became of Captain Taggart, and he was listed as missing in action.[2]

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