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Honest was a Human male who served as prime minister of the planet Emperia.

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Under Honest's joint rule with the "boy emperor" over Emperia, many things such as art, music, and freethinking were outlawed, and violators were executed. Honest made an alliance with the Kelvan Empire, who replaced the ruling council with their own. The Kelvans crippled Emperia under their rule, however after the Dragon Alliance invasion of the Emperia system, the planet was left without an emperor.

It was unknown whether The Emperor was killed or taken to a prison camp, but based on what Beastie said to Crell Moset right after tossing him off a 500-floor building, it would seem that Honest was dead.[1]

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Prime Minister Chouri fought against Honest's rise to power prior to his death at the hands of Esdeath.[2]

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