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"Hide and Seek" is the third chapter of the Klingon War arc and fifth overall of Star Trek: Federation Legacy. Written in late 2013 and published on 14 October 2013, it is authored by CaptFredricks.

The crew of the USS Leviathan discovers an illegal mining operation by the Gorn Hegemony in the Lackey system, and a Klingon listening post hidden deep within the Paulson Nebula.



Jason Fredricks is reading a PADD in his ready room, but he is interrupted by the doorbell. He tells the person on the other side to enter, and Hannah Freeman walks in. When he asks her what she needs, she hesitates. After he gives her his undivided attention, she continues, revealing she wants to be reassigned to engineering. Jason is a bit perplexed and states that he needs her at her bridge post. Hannah explains that her father made her pursue a career in the science division, but she always wanted to be an engineer instead. Jason in turn reveals that his adolescent fantasy was to become the youngest captain in Starfleet, but his "father" told him to take things a step at a time.[a]

Act I: Reassignment[]

Act II: Gorn Awry[]

Captain's log

Act III: Paulson Nebula[]




  1. USS Leviathan Teaser
  2. USS Valor Act I


  1. Lackey system Act I
  2. Lackey III Act II
  3. Paulson Nebula Act III

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  1. P'Jem Teaser
  2. Starfleet Academy Act I

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  1. In "Treasure Trading Station", Jason and Quinn's conversation references this event, and Jason notes that he considers Quinn to be like a second father to him.

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