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My... first assignment is gonna be my deathbed. Who'd have thought?
Henry Fuller
2409 ("The Price of Liberty")

Henry Fuller was a male Human who lived during the 25th century. He served in Starfleet as executive officer of the USS Leviathan and held the rank of commander[1] until his death in 2409.[2]

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At some point in his career, Fuller received advanced pilot training.[1]

Service on the USS Leviathan Edit

Fuller was assigned to the USS Leviathan on 28 January 2409 (83164.0) as its new first officer. He met Jason Fredricks and Lucas Wells in a corridor on the way to the bridge, and they introduced themselves to one another. When they reached the bridge, Fuller reported directly to Captain Masc Taggart.[1]

After being fooled by a fake distress call set up by a Klingon vessel, the IKS Chot, the Leviathan crew were faced with boarding parties all over the ship. Fuller attempted to protect Taggart from a group of Klingons that transported onto the bridge, but he was stabbed before he could act. He began to bleed out, and by the time a nurse was able to treat him, he had too much blood concentrated in his lungs. He placed Jason in command of the Leviathan and died shortly thereafter; Nurse Julia Cromwell was forced to sedate him to ease his suffering.[2]

A memorial service was performed for Fuller and the other officers who perished during the Chot's attack and the subsequent Borg invasion of Vega IX.[3]

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Jason Fredricks Edit

Fuller met Jason Fredricks shortly after coming aboard the USS Leviathan. Jason and his friend, Lucas Wells, were on their way to the bridge when they encountered each other walking down a corridor. They entered a turbolift, and Jason introduced Fuller to Lucas. Fuller gave his first name, but informed them they were not to tell anyone that they were on a first name basis.[1]

Masc Taggart Edit

While Fuller and Taggart didn't get to know each other well during their short-lived service together, Taggart immediately referred to Fuller as "number one", an affectionate title for the first officer that he had learned from his former commanding officer. The two seemed to work well together, and Fuller put his life on the line to try to save his captain.[1]

Lucas Wells Edit

Fuller met Lucas Wells and his friend Jason Fredricks shortly after coming aboard the Leviathan. They encountered each other walking down a corridor on the way to the bridge. Once in a turbolift, Jason introduced Fuller to Lucas. While Fuller revealed his first name, he informed them they were not to tell anyone that they were on a first name basis.[1]

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  • Fuller was created by CaptFredricks in 2012 while he was writing the original draft of "Khitomer Crisis". His role in the chapter was rather small, and by the events of "The Price of Liberty", he had already been killed along with the rest of the USS Leviathan's senior staff.
  • During the extensive rewrite of the first two chapters of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, Fuller's character was retained, and his role was slightly expanded. He still perishes in the first chapter, but in the second, his name is mentioned during a memorial service.

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