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My... my father made me study science, but I always wanted to be an engineer. I love building things – working on plasma manifolds and EPS flow regulators – inventing new technologies...
Hannah Freeman to Jason Fredricks
2409 ("Hide and Seek")

Hannah Elizabeth Freeman[1] was a female Human who lived during the 25th century. She served in Starfleet as communications officer and later as an engineer's assistant on the USS Leviathan. She held the rank of ensign as of 2409.[citation needed]


Early life[]

Hannah was born on Earth in 2386 to Mr. Freeman and Mrs. Freeman.[citation needed]

In her youth, Hannah often played with model starships that she owned, pretending that she was the engineer who "kept them functional". She later began taking different appliances and devices in the family home apart to learn how they worked and then to reassemble them. She mastered her ability to the point that she could swiftly disassemble and reassemble a replicator and even make improvements to it. Despite Hannah's talent, her mother wanted her to become a scientist to follow her family's tradition.[2]

Starfleet Academy[]

After her mother died, Hannah decided to honor her wishes, and when she enlisted in Starfleet Academy, she majored in the science division.[2] On at least one occasion, however, she lied and said her father made her become a scientist.[3]

She was part of the graduating Class of 2408.[4]

Service on the USS Leviathan[]

She was assigned to the USS Leviathan in 2408 as a junior science officer. After the death of the Leviathan's communications officer, she inherited the position.[5]

She later wished to change her profession from science to engineering, and requested reassignment to the Leviathan's engineering section. Captain Jason Fredricks granted her request, and put her under the supervision of their chief engineer, Jhael Onika.[6]

On 28 March 2409 (83312.2), Hannah was one of the candidates considered by Commander Jarek Davis to replace Jhael as chief engineer after his death. Due to her lack of experience (only around two months' worth), Davis quickly eliminated her from consideration. Instead, her fellow engineer, Phil Schrader, was chosen, and she offered him encouragement when he modestly wondered if he'd be able to live up to Jhael's standards.[1]

On 21 October (83832.9), Hannah was left in command of engineering while Th'vol Olethla was with an away team on the surface of Nimbus III. She assisted Ernie Hauser in performing a dangerous maneuver with the Leviathan's impulse drive to give them leverage over an attacking Orion vessel. The maneuver consisted of Ernie accelerating to half impulse and then her cutting power to the port side engine to achieve a rapid turn. The maneuver was successful, and the Orions were ultimately disabled.[7]



She mentioned her father once, as being the reason for her majoring in science against her will.[3][a]

While comforting her boyfriend, Ernie Hauser, over the loss of his father, she let slip, "At least you had a father who cared about you! Sometimes I wish my father was dead..." She quickly changed the subject, which Ernie took note of, offering to talk with her about it if she ever wished to.[8]

Hannah's mother was from a long line of scientists, and she wanted Hannah to continue the tradition. Even though Hannah was much more interested in the engineering field, she chose to study science at Starfleet Academy to honor her mother's wishes. Unfortunately, Hannah's mother died before she enlisted at the Academy, so she didn't get to witness those years of Hannah's life.[2]


Ernie Hauser[]

Hannah was disappointed upon finding out that Ernie wasn't promoted alongside fellow officers Tala Jones and Dylyp Azeli, stating that he was "as important as anyone [there]." He insisted that he was little more than a "simple pilot," but she would not have it. She told him he "deserve[d] the recognition," even if he didn't think so. He was pleased to know that she cared that much about him.[9]


Background and trivia[]

  • Hannah was created by CaptFredricks in 2012 while writing "Khitomer Crisis". She was originally named Hannah Morrison, but Capt renamed her in the final draft of the chapter.
  • Hannah showed she had some medical knowledge in the original "The Price of Liberty", something she has not shown in any of the other chapters.
  • The original reason for Hannah's change to the engineering department is because Capt felt the story had too many science officers and not enough engineers. The in-universe explanation has since been fleshed out.


Unofficial appearances[]

Notes and references[]

  1. This is later contradicted when she explains that she majored in science as an obligation to her mother. She was probably lying when talking to Jason Fredricks due to the sensitive nature of her relationships with her parents.