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Hakeev was a male Romulan who lived during the 25th century. He served as the leader of the Tal Shiar and held the rank of colonel as of 2409.[1]

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Hakeev was blind in his left eye. Over top and around his damaged eye, he had a cybernetic implant.[1]

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As head of the Tal Shiar, Hakeev was likely quite ruthless. He took pleasure in hearing that inhumane experiments by his team at Installation 18 were decreasing in casualty rate, even though they were still alarmingly high.[1]

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On ca. stardate 83832.9, Hakeev contacted a subcommander at Installation 18 to get a progress report on the violent and inhumane experiments being conducted there. When his officer told him that casualty rates had been going down over the past several months of testing, he lauded the officer's work and informed him that he'd tell Empress Sela about it.[1]

Hakeev later instructed his subordinates in Installation 18 to lure members of a joint Romulan Republic-Starfleet-Klingon Empire group down to the lower levels in order to eliminate them. One of his officers contacted him, and he ordered her to release an Elachi that was kept in the facility. When asked whether he wanted any of them left alive for questioning, he remarked that he had bigger concerns, specifically the Remans' recent acquisition of thalaron technology.[2]

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  1. Hassan the Undying used this name for him in his database logs, and it may have been meant derogatorily.
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