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The Homeworld Operations of Mobilization and Defense Fleet – abbreviated H.O.M.E. Fleet – was founded in early 2409 by Fleet captain Solar. They are an elite fleet with a sole purpose of offense and defense. During the Iconian War, they were able to keep the Iconians from advancing on vital locations. They were also the ones that led the assault on the Iconian Sphere which lead to the defeat of the Leader of the Iconians, M'Tara. In the events of the War of the Universes, they defended the Sol system from a Terran Invasion led by the revived Vice Admiral Mercury. With the help of the Interspecies Republic, the Alpha Armada and the H.O.M.E. Fleet were able to destroy Project Lancer Plan A. Due to that attack, Solarmetric, Tu'Cul, Simon Jay Smith were consumed by a Black hole weapon that mirror universe Captain Naomi Smith unleashed on them, leaving Captain Joshua "Jac" Chapman as new leader of the fleet.

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