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The Techno-Organic Guardians had various abilities in their arsenal.

Ability breakdown Edit

Ability Description
360-degree vision The user is able to see in all directions at once.
Ability absorption  The ability to steal the abilities of other Masters through physical contact, either just taking their ability or rendering them powerless.
Ability creation The ability to create other abilities.
Ability learning The ability to copy a power by learning how to use them.
Absorption The user can absorb matter/energy, ability, etc., while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently.
Accelerated perception The power to perceive everything at accelerated rate.
Adaptive regeneration The ability to adapt to any bodily harm as they regenerate.
Adoptive muscle memory  The ability to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed once.
Age shifting The ability to change one's own age.
Amorphous physiology User's body is composed of a flexible, amorphous substance that can be manipulated in a variety of ways, they are also very resistant to physical attacks.
Arm transformation User can transform his own limb/arm into anything regardless of its nature.
Armor physiology The user is or has the ability to take on the form of a suit of armor, which grants several abilities most of which come from the material their bodies are made of.
Artificial life creation The ability to create artificial beings.
Automation The user can convert matter into technology upon mere contact or if advance upon a mere a thought. The converted matter behaves just like an ordinary piece of technology. Almost every form of matter that can found whether in nature or not can be converted into technology.
Bio-metal physiology Users are entirely made of malleable living metal, which grants them superior physical strength, high resilience to most kind of attacks and first rate regenerative abilities (no structural weakness). They can harden/soften and mold their body to fit the needs of every situation, shape-shift all kinds of bladed weapons, strengthen their defenses via additional layers, conceal themselves by mimicking their environment, or even scatter their body to cover more ground without attracting attention.
Clairsentience  The ability to perceive the history of an object or person by touching it.
Computer physiology The user is, can become or use the attributes of an A.I. making their mind completely digital, capable of much more objective thought and suppressing/removing their emotions. Most users are able to connect themselves to some sort of device, or even the to other devices connected to them and/or assimilate other devices and manipulate their own data and memory capacities.
Creation The ability to create anything and everything from nothing.
Danger sensing The ability to detect oncoming attacks.
Disintegration  The ability to cause objects to break down.
Electrical transportation The ability to travel through electrical conduits.
Empathy  The ability to feel the emotions, thoughts, hopes, desires, and dreams of others.
Empathy manipulation The ability to alter others' emotions and feelings.
Energy absorption  Allows the owner to absorb energy (example: say the warp core is exploding anyone with this ability can absorb the antimatter reaction into themselves to prevent the explosion).
Energy manipulation  The ability to use any type of energy and manipulate it into a number of things.
Enhanced cell regeneration  The ability to regenerate cells at an increased rate, resulting in physical injuries healing in a matter of seconds or minutes.
Force fields The ability to erect protective force fields and manipulate them at will.
Genetic Absorption Allows the owner to use any ability or material on a genetic level.
Gravity manipulation The ability to Control the Gravity around something or someone or a group of things/people.
Healing The ability to cause other individuals to heal injuries at an increased rate, resulting in complete recovery in a matter of seconds.
Healing touch  The ability to control the flow of life in living beings, healing or harming them.
Hibernation The ability to enter an insensibly dormant state.
Illusion  The ability to manipulate how other people perceive reality.
Immortality Users possess an infinite life span, and can shrug off virtually any kind of physical damage. Some users are the defensive type, simply preventing such damage from appearing (invulnerability/protection), while others are the regenerative type, surviving and quickly recovering from anything you throw at them.
Intangibility The ability to pass through physical matter.
Invisibility  The ability to walk in plain view of other people without being seen.
Laser emission  The ability to generate a blue-colored laser beam from one's finger.
Life and death manipulation The ability to control both life and death.
Life creation The ability to create living beings.
Magnetism  The ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields as well as generation of magnetic force fields and flight and manipulate metals.
Martial arts intuition The ability to have an innate understanding to every form of martial art.
Mental manipulation  The ability to manipulate upper brain functions, enabling the user to render others unconscious, erase their memories, and negate the use of abilities.
Merging The Ability to merge with two or more objects or beings.
Metal mimicry  The ability to transmute one's own body into metal.
Nanite manipulation The ability to manipulate microscopic robotic metal machines.
Omnifarious User has complete and absolute control over their own being, allowing them to manipulate their shape, density, size or to be solid, liquid, gaseous, or pure energy. They can spread their form into smaller segments that keep their ability to transform and recombine as they wish. User can take any form that they can imagine, independently from the laws of Physics and Logic.
Omnipotence embodiment The user becomes their own omnipotence, the supreme being and the source of everything. The user of this ability is the true master and wielder of any and every other power that is deemed omnipotent.
Persuasion  The ability to force others to obey one's spoken imperatives.
Phasing  The ability to pass through solid matter.
Precision eyesight  Grants the owner enhanced eyesight, allowing him/her to act with extreme precision with little to no effort.
Puppet master  Allows the owner to control anyone or anything.
Replication The ability to replicate oneself, others, and/or objects.
Resurrection The ability to bring the deceased, including oneself, back to life.
Shadow manipulation  The ability to transform into or have a physical body made up of shadows.
Shape-shifting  The ability to alter one's own appearance.
Sharpness manipulation The ability to control sharpness in any object, either imbuing or taking the quality of sharpness away.
Shifting  The ability to teleport anything from person to person, and phase between and merge two people.
Solar manipulation The ability to manipulate aspects of a sun.
Spatial manipulation The ability to manipulate space.
Sword arm The ability to possess an arm with characteristics of a sword or blade.
Tachyon manipulation The ability to manipulate tachyons.
Technology manipulation The ability to manipulate electronics and machinery.
Technopathy  The ability to control and manipulate electronics with the mind.
Telekinesis The ability to manipulate objects/matter with the mind.
Telepathy The ability to mentally control any function the brain controls, hearing other people's thoughts, scanning the memory of other people and sending thoughts directly to other people's minds.
Teleportation The ability to instantly move between two locations.
Time travel Users can travel and/or send others to future/past.
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