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Gre'thor was the Klingon equivalent of Hell.

At some point in the 2260s, the IKS SuvwI' and USS Leviathan traveled back in time from 2409. The SuvwI' was forced to fight B'vat's flagship at the time, the IKV Quv. During the battle, B'vat exclaimed that the SuvwI's crew – who he believed to be from the House of Duras – would "burn in Gre'thor this day!"[1]

Prior to their duel in 2270, B'vat taunted Kardok, saying, "Gre'thor awaits you!" After Kardok had defeated B'vat, shoving his bat'leth into B'vat's back, he seemingly countered his provocation, stating, "Gre'thor welcomes you."[2]

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