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Graal[1] was a male Gorn who served in the Zenith Alliance during the 2380s as chief engineer of the IKS GhIqtal.[2]


On stardate 56950.3, Graal was serving aboard the IKS GhIqtal as its chief engineer. After his captain, Kardok, took several members of the USS Enterprise-E's crew hostage, Kardok ordered Graal to bring the ship's main power back online. Until then, the GhIqtal had been feigning distress[2] by using its "sleep mode". Graal quickly brought the ship back to full operating status, and Kardok enacted his plan.[1]


Background and trivia[]

  • Graal was originally considered as a possible name for a Gorn character on CaptFredricks' Star Trek Online account. The character was given another name, but CaptFredricks later used Graal for the Gorn engineer appearing in the Zenith arc.
  • Capt has since created an STO character named Graal, which is intended to be this character.


Notes and references[]

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