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Gerrald "Gerry" Collins was a Human male who worked at Tycho City's environmental center. He was an old friend of David Hauser, and he visited him at his restaurant, Pike's Kitchen, on stardate 73690.1. The two traded friendly insults, and David introduced Gerry to his wife, Micha. Gerry asked why they had named the restaurant Pike's Kitchen instead of something more appropriate, like Dave's Grill, but Micha pointed out that they let their son, Ernie, pick the name.

Gerry asked if Ernie wished to join Starfleet someday, but David told him that they were not encouraging him to do so, adding that "[d]eep space travel is dangerous and damned foolish if you ask me." He also added that Ernie could make a "perfectly good life for himself here, even if he doesn't become a chef."[1]

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