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Geordi La Forge was a male Human who lived during the 24th century. He served in Starfleet as chief engineer of the USS Enterprise-E as of 2381.

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On stardate 57189.4, the USS Enterprise-E was given confidential orders to search for a secret society that wished to cripple the Federation. When the Enterprise dropped out of warp, a Klingon vessel was waiting for them. The Klingon captain sent a boarding party over, and they attempted to take over engineering. Worf and Geordi were sent to engineering to stop them, and they managed to prevail, forcing the Klingons back to their vessel. Geordi and Worf then helped two injured crewmen to sickbay after the skirmish in engineering.

The Klingon captain lost his patience and attacked the Enterprise. During the battle, Geordi was knocked unconscious. He was later taken to sickbay where Doctor Beverly Crusher treated his injuries. One of the injured, Ensign Daniels, was untreatable, and he died in sickbay. Geordi and the others made full recoveries.[1]

On stardate 57823.6, the Enterprise was conducting a search for the IKS Pak'tu, the vessel that had attacked them before. Commander John Benson and Geordi located a warp trail that they believed belonged to the vessel. Their deductions proved correct when they were ambushed again by the Pak'tu. Kardok, the Klingon captain, and a small group of his officers finally beamed onto the Enterprise's bridge and attempted to take over, but they were repelled, and their ship was destroyed shortly after, presumably killing all of them.[2]

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