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Geordi La Forge was a male Human Starfleet officer who originally was the helmsman of the USS Enterprise-D during 2364, with the rank of lieutenant junior grade. He was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and later lieutenant commander and became the chief engineer of the Enterprise-D[1] and later USS Enterprise-E, both under Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

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In 2379, Geordi took part in the Enterprise's mission to Romulus. After a fierce battle with the Scimitar, he helped his best friend Data in his task of self-sacrifice to save the Enterprise crew.[2]

In 2380, Geordi said farewell to Captain William T. Riker, who had just received command of the USS Titan. Geordi bore witness to a parting practical joke that Riker played on the USS Enterprise-E's new first officer, Martin Madden, embarrassing Madden in front of Captain Picard.

Geordi later joined Miranda Kadohata's away team to assist the IKS GhIqtal, a Klingon vessel that had requested supplies and medical assistance. He, along with the away team, was captured by Kardok, the GhIqtal's captain, who told them his plans to destroy the Enterprise and defeat the Federation.[3]

After Picard was also captured by the Zenith Alliance operatives on the GhIqtal, the group was given a small cabin, and Picard was invited to dine with Kardok. Both Beverly Crusher and Kadohata were very skeptical of Kardok, but La Forge believed that if anyone could turn him to their side, it was Captain Picard. When Vana Aleksandrov turned on Kardok, she sent Dagan to kill Picard. Kadohata was severely wounded in the ensuing fight, and Picard sent La Forge to the sickbay to gather medical supplies for Dr. Crusher.[4]

After getting the supplies, Geordi returned to a cargo bay, where Crusher had moved Kadohata. They began planning how to rescue Picard, who had been taken down to Zenith Prime. Just then, Maglus, the ship's tactical officer, entered the cargo bay. He pushed aside the crates that were hiding the trio, telling them they had to leave immediately. They wondered why he would suddenly help them, and he explained that both Xolor and Aleksandrov had hidden agendas that did not include a reformed Klingon Empire. Once in the Zenith compound, La Forge, along with Crusher and Kadohata found Kardok and later met up with Captains Riker and Chakotay's away teams.[5]

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La Forge and William T. Riker were close friends from their time spent together aboard the USS Enterprise-E. Upon his departure to the USS Titan, Riker bid his friend farewell. La Forge stumbled on his words, nearly calling Riker by his former rank before correcting himself.[6]

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