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Franklin Drake was a male Human who lived during the 25th century. He served in Section 31[1] as of 2410.

Like most Section 31 agents, not much was known about him by those outside the organization. It was, however, apparent that he knew Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn.[2][3]


Drake had a rather rugged appearance, including a large scar below his right eye.[1] He typically wore a solid black uniform which was standard for Section 31 agents.[4]



Devidian resurgence[]

On 20 May 2409 (83446.1), Drake introduced himself to Jason Fredricks and gave him a top secret mission to the Donatu system. Multiple "strange occurrences" had been reported by Starfleet vessels in the vicinity of the system, which was a matter of concern for Section 31. He also informed Jason of a True Way presence in the system, which was odd because the system was quite far from Cardassian territory. Jason agreed to go, but he asked that Elisa Flores be pardoned for her assistance in Jarek Davis' takeover of the USS Leviathan a few months prior. Drake reluctantly decided to grant the request after Jason explained her experience would be vital to the mission.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Drake visited Elisa at the New Zealand Penal Settlement where she was being held for her previous crimes. He gave her the option of a full pardon signed by Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn if she agreed to return to active duty. She was skeptical at first, but when he mentioned that Jason had made the request, she changed her mind and agreed.

Drake and Elisa then took an unmarked (likely Section 31-owned) shuttlecraft up to the Leviathan. The duo was met by Ensign Walt Bozeman in the shuttlebay, and he escorted them to Jason's ready room, with Drake threatening to make both Elisa and Walt's lives a "living hell" if they didn't cooperate. Drake then delivered Elisa as promised, warning Jason that she was a handful.[4]

T'Par incident[]

On ca. 1 January 2410, Drake appeared via hologram to Jason, Elisa, and Tala Jones and answered their questions regarding T'Par's mission in the Dimorus system. He explained that the USS Vengeance's arrival in the system was unexpected but actually helpful to T'Par's successful escape from the S'harien Station with valuable Romulan intel. He ended the conversation by offering Jason a position in Section 31, but predictably, he declined.[5]



Jason Fredricks[]

Drake had taken a keen interest in Jason Fredricks by mid-2409.

Elisa Flores[]

Walt Bozeman[]

Drake wasn't particularly fond of Walter Bozeman, a security officer assigned to the USS Leviathan. He threatened to make Walt's life hellish after Walt gave him some snark. He also later referred to Walt as a dog.[4]



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