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Entries made for the first officer's log on the USS Enterprise-E.

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"First officer's log, stardate 56959.7. It's been four days since Captain Picard, Dr. Crusher, and Commanders La Forge and Kadohata were abducted by the Klingon captain known as Kardok. Starfleet has dispatched a support vessel to assist us in repairs as well as supply us with a new warp core. With a four day head start, the Klingons will be hard to track. I... I hope we can find the captain and our away team before it's too late."
"First officer's log, supplemental. Twenty-two hours have passed, and we have yet to pick up any sign of the Klingon vessel, even after searching seven star systems. Its cloaking device appears to be fool proof."[1]

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"First officer's log, stardate 56970.25. We have been authorized by Admiral Janeway to enter the star system housing a little-known terrorist group reported by Starfleet Intelligence to call themselves the Zenith Alliance. We are, however, to remain at the edge of the system and avoid engaging any vessels until reinforcements arrive."[2]

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