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Federation Legacy Wiki has a number of policies that are intended to clarify and direct the conduct of users on the wiki. These policies are ever changing in order to best accommodate the community as a whole, and nothing here should ever be seen as unchangeable. However, the policies listed herein should be considered the backbone of the wiki and should be read with care to ensure no policy violations are made while using the wiki.

Members of the community may propose changes to existing policy on any specific policy's talk page.

For a list of FANDOM's policies – which cover all of Wikia – please visit here.

Content policies[]

User policies[]

  • User conduct – the policy regarding expected conduct for users visiting the wiki (new; separated from this page).
  • Blocking – the policy on blocking (new; separated from this page and expanded).

Site-wide policies[]


  • Sandbox – not so much a policy as a place to practice proper editing.