The Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ for short, is a list of questions often asked or that are not clearly answered somewhere else that are given answers here. This is not an exhaustive list.

FAQ[edit source]

Why is this wiki called Federation Legacy Wiki?
It was named by the creator of the wiki, CaptFredricks, for his main fan fiction story, Star Trek: Federation Legacy.
Since FLW now accepts Star Trek fan fiction from any author, should it be given a new name to better encompass all of the fan fictions?
There are no current plans to change the name of the wiki. Its original name still appropriately fits with the Star Trek theme, and Star Trek has always primarily focused on the Federation anyway. Memory Gamma is another fan fiction wiki that might be more to some people's liking.
How can I add my story?
Leave a message on CaptFredricks' wall, here, and he will get you started.

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