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Blocking is the act of prohibiting a user from making contributions to the wiki. Blocks are carried out by an administrator if, and only if, the user in question has purposely and repeatedly (after correction from an admin) violated the wiki's user conduct policy.

The wiki operates on a three-point system when it comes to issuing permanent blocks. Minor offenses will most likely not result in a point against a user, but more blatant disregard for the rules will. Users violating the rules should always be warned before a block of any kind is issued (except in the case of sockpuppetry; see below). Temporary blocks should be issued if the user in question does not heed the warning from the admins. After three points are reached, the user will receive a permanent block and will no longer be able to use the wiki.

In essence, failing to heed an admin's warnings multiple times will not reflect favorably upon the violating user, but compliance with the admins and rectifying one's behavior will certainly be taken into account and may warrant lessening or even removing a block's duration.

A list of currently blocked accounts can be viewed here.

Grounds for blocking

The act of vandalism entails making harmful or abusive edits to one or more articles, talk pages, user profiles, etc. with the intention of lowering the quality of the wiki or disrupting other editors. Users performing vandalism will receive a warning for the first offense and a 48-hour block on the second. Further offenses will receive much more severe punishment, including a permanent block. This rule also pertains to blanking pages, i.e., removing all content from a page.
Posting spam in the form of text or links in any article, talk page, user profile, or discussion thread will be met with a 24-hour block for the first offense, and a week-long block for the second. Further offenses will result in a permanent block.
Personal attacks
Using ad hominem attacks against other users will be met with a warning on the first offense, and a 24-hour block on the second. Further offenses will lead to a permanent block.
The act of sockpuppetry involves creating multiple accounts to circumvent a block on another account. Users found to be doing this will be blocked indefinitely. No exceptions.
Copyright violations
Posting or uploading copyrighted material without following fair use guidelines or obtaining the owner's permission is grounds for a warning along with prompt removal of the offending material. A second offense or non-compliance will result in a 24-hour block. Further offenses will lead to a permanent block.
Plagiarizing another's work, including using characters, settings, story/series/chapter/episode titles, scripts, or plotlines without the explicit permission of that individual (whether they are a member of this wiki or not) will be met with a warning for the first offense. A second offense or refusal to remove the offending content will warrant a 48-hour block. Further offenses will be met with a week-long block and finally a permanent block and the removal of all content by the blocked user.

Block durations and leniency

Blocks will typically be issued for the durations stated above, however, certain circumstances, such as users being compliant or not having malicious intent, may result in leniency. The admins have the final say on this, though.