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February is the second month of the Human year.


3 February 2409 (83180.5)
A Bolian freighter, the SS Azura, is attacked and destroyed by Orion pirates. Most of the crew is rescued by the USS Leviathan, however, the Azura's captain dies while giving them time to escape.[1]
7 February 2409 (83189.1)
An Undine spy is exposed by the crew of the USS Leviathan at P'Jem.[2]
10 February 2409 (83195.9)
The USS Leviathan uncovers an illegal Gorn mining operation in the Lackey system, as well as a Klingon base hidden in the Paulson Nebula.[3]
15 February 2386 (62089.7)
Jason Fredricks is born on Earth.[4]
15 February 2409 (83209.6)
A Klingon listening post is located and destroyed in the Bomari system by the USS Leviathan.[5]
25 February 2409 (83234.7 - 83235.4)
The Gorn attack a Federation science station in the Kassae system and take hostages. The crew of the Leviathan later rescues them.[6]
27 February 2362
Thomas Fredricks is born on Earth.[citation needed]

Real world[]

2 February 1949
Brent Spiner is born (actor, Data).
16 February 1957
LeVar Burton is born (actor, Geordi La Forge).
23 February 1932
Majel Barrett is born (actress, Lwaxana Troi).


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