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If you have enough time to chat over there, you have enough time to die by my hand!
2409 ("The Undying")

Fang was a female Ferasan who lived during the 25th century. She served as commanding officer of the Snap Dragon as of 2409.

She was also well known as one of the top competitors in Hassan the Undying's nightclub arena on Nimbus III.[1][2]

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Fang seemed to be loyal to her crew, as she was extremely irate following the death of Senir Lubak, one of her officers. She also had a bit of a ruthless side, shown when she claimed she would "enjoy dissecting" Kardok. She willingly accepted her fate in defeat, however, showing that she had a sense of honor.[3]

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On ca. stardate 83832.9, Fang and the rest of the Snap Dragon crew fought in the Shangdu nightclub's indoor arena against officers of the USS Leviathan and IKS SuvwI', as well as Komodo, a bounty hunter. Fang initially intended to watch the onset of the fight from afar, but Natanu Sei immediately charged at her, forcing her into participation.[2]

The death of Senir Lubak, one of her officers, at the hands of Komodo enraged her. Fang soon picked her target: Kardok, who had just finished slashing up her Gorn officer, Mryaan the Merciless, and fell near a fire pit in the arena. She pulled a knife out of her boot and was about to begin "dissecting" Kardok when Natanu stepped in. Fang agreed to halt her assault on Kardok and fight Natanu one on one. Fang and Natanu grappled with one another for several minutes, exchanging several blows each. Initially, Fang began to push Natanu backwards, but Natanu persevered. Even after several direct blows and slashes, Natanu stood her ground defiantly. Fang, becoming increasingly irritated, went for a stab to Natanu's chest, but Natanu managed to block her and wrestle the knife out of her hand. Fang then received a slash across her abdomen, and she conceded the fight. Her life was spared because Natanu promised to let her see Kardok defeat Hassan the Undying.[3][a]

After the skirmish ended, Komodo took Fang and the rest of the living crew of the Snap Dragon with him to cash in their bounties. Before leaving, Fang told Kardok he had gained her respect.[4]

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  1. Another reason Natanu likely spared Fang is because Komodo threatened to throw her into the fire pit if she killed Fang.

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