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The first volume of Star Trek: Federation Legacy contains 22 chapters, published between 1 August 2013 and 23 February 2020.[a]

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Jason Fredricks graduates from Starfleet Academy in 2408 and is selected by Captain Masc Taggart to be the tactical officer of the USS Leviathan. Eight months later, the Leviathan gains several new officers, including a new first officer, Henry Fuller, and science officer, Lucas Wells. Both Taggart and Fuller are killed in a rogue attack by a Klingon vessel masquerading as a cargo freighter.

The Borg reestablish their presence in the Beta Quadrant when they invade the Vega colony. The Federation's fleet manages to push the Borg forces out of the system, but not before the damage is done.

Starfleet gives Fredricks permanent command of the Leviathan, a ship with only junior-ranking officers remaining aboard. The ship gains several new crewmen, including Tala Jones, serving as first officer and tactical officer; Vance L'eher as security chief, Dylyp Azeli as operations officer; Lenerea Mendel as communications officer; and Th'vol Olethla as chief engineer, taking over for the deceased Jhael Onika.

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# Title Stardate Published
1 "The Price of Liberty" 83164.0 2 January 2014
The USS Leviathan responds to a distress call from the SS Break Even but is attacked en route by a Klingon vessel hellbent on gaining an advantage in the war with the Federation.
2 "Line in the Sand" 83165.2 2 January 2014
After a terrible and extraordinary event which leaves both the commanding and executive officer positions vacant, Ensign Jason Fredricks takes command of the USS Leviathan, joining the USS Renown in the Pollux system to assist another vessel in need.
3 "Stranded in Space" 83180.5 1 August 2013
The USS Leviathan comes to the aid of a Bolian freighter, the SS Azura, that has fallen under attack by Orion pirates.
4 "Diplomatic Orders" 83189.1 4 September 2013
A simple mission to escort a Vulcan ambassador to the P'Jem monastery goes awry when the Klingons claim that he is an Undine spy.
5 "Hide and Seek" 83195.9 14 October 2013
The crew of the USS Leviathan discovers an illegal mining operation by the Gorn Hegemony in the Lackey system, and a Klingon listening post hidden deep within the Paulson Nebula.
6 "Stop the Signal" 83209.6 6 November 2013
While visiting his nephew, Lucas, on the USS Leviathan, Remus Wells is accused of selling Federation weapons to the Klingon Empire.
7 "Researcher Rescue" 83234.7 - 83235.4 8 December 2013
The USS Leviathan gains two new crew members – one, an old friend of Jason Fredricksthe other, his former lover who now has a strong distaste for him.
8 "The Kuvah'Magh" 83259.8 5 March 2014
The USS Leviathan is ordered to Regulus IV to mediate peace talks between the Federation and Klingon Empire. However, the crew soon finds out that not everyone wants peace.
9 "War Is Good for Business" 83245.3 - 83251.7 24 March 2014
After a failed away mission leads to the deaths of several crewmen, Jason Fredricks begins having qualms about serving in Starfleet. The crew attempts to adjust to Jason's replacement, Commander Jarek Davis.
10 "Treasure Trading Station" 83262.2 3 July 2014
While Jason Fredricks contemplates whether to return to Starfleet or take a different path, the crew of the USS Leviathan attempts to expose Commander Jarek Davis' ties to the Tal Shiar.
11 "Secret Orders" 83274.6 20 November 2014
Following a lead given by the Orion defector Marta, the USS Leviathan is sent to the Briar Patch to find a hidden Klingon base there. After suffering through the trauma brought on by the death of Jhael Onika, Phil Schrader considers stepping down from the position of chief engineer.
12 "Task Force Hippocrates" 83290.3 - 83292.9 1 May 2015
The crew of the USS Leviathan deals with the aftermath of their two engineers' deaths during an assignment to the Federation-Klingon border. While there, they uncover a secret Klingon plot to use genetic engineering for an unknown purpose.
13 "Skirmish" 83446.1 12 October 2015
Two months after the events at Celes and the Briar Patch, the crew of the USS Leviathan is sent to the Donatu system to discover why the True Way has been spotted there.
14 "What Lies Beneath" Unknown 28 October 2015
Franklin Drake sends the USS Leviathan to Drozana Station to determine the whereabouts of a Section 31 operative there and gather more information on the Devidian presence in the area.
15 "Everything Old Is New" 1016.3, Unknown 14 January 2016
Jason Fredricks and Tala Jones find themselves trapped on Drozana Station nearly 150 years in the past. In the present, their crewmates formulate a plan to stop the Devidians and rescue them before it's too late.
16 "Night of the Comet" 83468.7 11 March 2016
The crews of the USS Leviathan and IKS SuvwI' travel back to Drozana Station in the 23rd century to put an end to the Devidians' activity there.
17 "The Ultimate Klingon" 83626.4 - 83633.1 30 July 2016
After Gorn augments bomb Tycho City, Luna and the Korvat colony, Dylyp Azeli and Ernie Hauser are sent on a secret mission to H'atoria where they encounter a geneticist who aims to artificially breed a race of super soldiers.
18 "The Doomsday Device" 83685.3 20 October 2016
The USS Leviathan is dispatched to the Donia system by Starfleet Intelligence to confirm suspicions that an ancient weapon of mass destruction has fallen into the hands of a dangerous foe.
19 "Past Imperfect" 83738.2 19 November 2017
In a desperate final move, B'vat travels back in time using the Guardian of Forever to wage war with the Federation and change the timeline in favor of the Klingon Empire.
20 "The Lost City of Paradise" 83832.9 20 May 2018
The crews of the USS Leviathan and IKS SuvwI' team up once again to destabilize the Orion Syndicate's stranglehold on the remote world of Nimbus III.
21 "The Undying" Unknown 30 April 2019
The Leviathan and SuvwI' crews stand against Hassan's forces on and in orbit of Nimbus III. As the dust settles, harrowing new revelations begin to emerge.
22 "Installation 18" Unknown 23 February 2020
A small, covert team of Starfleet, KDF, and Romulan Republic officers infiltrates a secret Tal Shiar base in the depths of Nimbus III, hoping to uncover the secrets that lie within.

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  1. The first chapter was originally "Khitomer Crisis", which was published on 11 June 2013. It was rewritten and replaced by "The Price of Liberty" on 2 January 2014, so the oldest chapter still remaining is "Stranded in Space".

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