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The zeroth volume of Star Trek: Federation Legacy contains two chapters, published between 11 June and 17 June 2013, that were rewritten and replaced by "The Price of Liberty" and "Line in the Sand", respectively, on 2 January 2014. Both chapters were originally a part of Volume 1.

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# Title Stardate Published
1 "Khitomer Crisis" 83164.0 11 June 2013
When the Borg attack the Vega colony, the USS Leviathan is ordered to join up with Starfleet there. They encounter the USS Khitomer, which has been boarded by drones, and Jason Fredricks leads an away team over to assist the Khitomer's crew.
2 "The Price of Liberty" 83165.2 17 June 2013
The fledgling crew of the USS Leviathan tries to repel a Borg invasion at the heart of Federation territory.

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