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This article's contents relate to something that has been archived, so they no longer have any bearing on the wiki's published works. At one time they were relevant, so the article has been left on the wiki for reference.

For the upcoming chapter with a similar title, see Escape From Crono 15.

"Escape From Crono 15, Part I" is the third chapter of the zeroth volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written in December 2014 but never published. It is authored by Gornintheusa.

An elite squad of the ODST is dropped on the prison planet Crono 15 to rescue POWs held by the Dragon Alliance forces.


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Background and trivia[]

  • This chapter was never published or even proofread. It was meant to be the first of a two-part story arc, but Part II was never written.


Author: Gornintheusa
Written: December 2014

On the San Francisco Academy Junibell was in the cafeteria going out on her days She knotice the Red Squad members of Vekta where gone and was not here to bully her she knotice group of of UNSC Marines in Black Armor similar to Omega but they're infact the ODST Helljumpers one of them Younger like her Age said to Hello where where you from .? hey said to her

Junibell : What do want .

Young ODST Marine : Hey Hey chill i just want to ask you seem new here like us

Junibell : No i got back here .

Young ODST Marine : I See Mine Name Maxwell but my Code Name Rooster .

junibell ; Nice to meet you Rooster my Names Junibell .

Rooster . and This is Silver Eye our Female Sniper

Silver Sniper : Nice to Meet you

Rooster : this is Tilt our feild Medic

Tilt: Ola

Rooster : and Last But not least our Hydronian Member Red Claw

Red Claw : Feeling Lucky Punk

Rooster :Easy Bro

Red Claw : Just Kidding .

Junibell : Are you Marines Omega .

Rooster : Well Not Really Although we look the Same but we go are from the UNSC we never had recruit Xenos untill in the 2600s

Junibell : I See .

Rooster : So where your Parents ?

Junibell : Both My Parents where killed by Kazon and Tal Shiar i request Asylum when I was a kid I was only Raised by my Adopted Mom and Brother .

Rooster : I See im Sorry that i _

Junibell : Forget it just forget it .

.... After talking her New Friends Junibell was walking outiside in the Academy as she Knotice Everone watching the Reports on the News Files and it was the Battle of Naiva and She Knotice The Galaxy Class Ship USS Howlingwind and the other serving ships where bringing the wounded and She saw Treav's Name on the M.I.A Files Junibell started to shed Tears but she dashed off to the Office .


Commander Shepard : Your Admiral Willey is a Disgrace Madem Grey look how much losts we had

Beastie : It Wouldn't Happen if i was there

Howlingmoon: I Lost two good crew members becuase of his Arrigance Grey

Grey: I and the UCN would,ve had my ISA forces to end the War But you scum stop our Invasion On Helghan the Ones Who the Tyrants .

Empress Sh'noda of the Bayonian : The Tyrants you Made . You left them to Die . they where Human like you and you left them to suffer


Shadow Raptor : Thats Enough Both of you .Im gonna Inform the rest of the Council they'll not be pleased

(Junibell Arrived ) : Shadow Raptor!

Shadow Raptor ; Junibell your not suposed to be here

Junibell : I do my Brother was on Naiva and it Conferms He's MIA im going to go get him

Shadow Raptor : Sigh even that might be True he be a Laber Worker on Crona 15 a colony and prison planet and its swarming with Dragon Alliance forces.

Junibell : Alright and that's where ill Go stop me if you could but im going there

Shadow Raptor : I Was Hoping you'll said that . I’m Sending an ODST Squad there to infiltrate it Beastie will be leading the Squad you’ll listen to his orders.

Shepard : You okay with that Beastie ?

Beastie : Sure I been waiting to rescue our People in the Shit hole .

Junibell: Thank You All .

Shepard: But listen, Junibell, don’t get Killed Alright the Dragon Alliance Forces are vicious and Dangerous so Becareful ..

Junibell: I Will

Junibell was Trained by Beastie for 15 days and now she was ready . to join witch was her new friends Rooster and the Other Beastie was encharged and yet he always listion to Music like Jimi Hendrix and Rolling Stones and sometimes tell Jokes and Play Video Games .

Junibell : So why this Guy our Squad

Rooster : You don’t know him? He's the War Hero in the Eugenics War .

Junibell : Is He Immortal?

Rooster : I Dont Know but he did save me my sqaud when we where attack by the Skaarj who where after Mudd

Junibell :Wow He's Amazing

After the The Normandy reached her Destination then cloake and went to the Admishpere of the Planet Crona 15 and Droped 6 pods carrying Beastie and Junibell , Rooster,Silver Eye,Tilt ,and Red Claw and landed on the forest planet without alerting the the Dragon Alliance fleet . The 6 landed o a Forest Miles away from the City holding the POWs Junibell got out of her pod and grabbed her Nonelethal Phaser Rifle and Phaser Set to Stun Becuase she has a thing against killing she manige to tag along with the others Junibell and others where ordered to meet Shepard and His Sqaud South on the waterfall. the Sqaud Journeyed through the forest Silver Eye knotice a couple Knuckonian Patrol Gaurds and said Junibell Watch and Learn Kid as she shoot a Sleep darts on both gaurds from her Sniper Rifle .Junibell saw a Third Knuckonian and Bash him in the Head knocking him out cold later the ODST Team moved to an old Temple where they spotted over 20 Knuckonians surounding a small golden statue of Daenerys Stormborn(from Game of Thrones) infront of a Glowing Sacret Celtic like On a Sleep State Meditation and Beastie Said to the Others be quiet these Geckos get Really when you wake them and they said Monah do Dovah aak mii (Mother of Dragons Guide Us ) in a unknown Language But Junibell Know what their Saying but She and Her ODST Companions manige to get out of the temple and continues in the forest .

Beastie: That was Close all and we didint enterrupt their Mediation

Junibell : Who Is she Mother of Dragons ? is she a Human leader.

Beastie : No some old History Messiah even Unsulied and Dothraki Whorship Her as well

Junibell : Unsulied and Dothraki

Beastie : Uh its best not to know them so come one

Junibell nodded ok and they Continue advancing and Squad where getting close to meet Shepard and and his Sqaud but Junibell knotice they're close in a villige Belonging to a Race of Humans known as Dothraki also a group of other species Knuckonians Arrived was the Knuckonian General Klarrn Taking to a Half human half Yoma White haired Woman name Sy .beastie and the Sqaud watched them in a Distance where over 50 Knuckonian Royal Gaurds line up on each side .

Sy : My Lord you know your challenging Brother

Klarrn: i Know but attacking Risa and Defera and and other Civilian planets was not part of the orders however im not stoping the investigation .

Sy ; You think Eagle Alliance wanted this War ?.

Klarrn: I Dont know it made no sense i know the federation for centuries but its war know and Sleacherling owns the Prison Systems so i have no witness but this ship when i try tracing the Warp Trails it contains fluids that make it hard to Trace so who ever ether Eagle or Lion Alliance is pretty clevver covering his of her's tracks

Sy : We have a new batch of pows arrived today my lord what should we do ?

Klarrn : Nothing as like i said my brother Sleacherling owns the prison systems not me as long their in the city and nowhere were safe for now ..

When the ODST Team was Monitering Klarrn and Sy talking while walking in the Huge Populated city Junibell Knotice and Beastie Knotice 5 Aliens Appeared to Be Vaadwaur beamed out meeting Klarrn . Junibell Said Vaadwaur from the Lion what are they doing here . i dont know but who ever they are Klarrn is not happy see them . replied Rooster .junibell knotice someone above the building wich was a Vaadwaur Sniper about to shoot klarrn . junibell knotice and dashed out to the town alert the people . Sy knotice and pushed Her Lord Klarrn away from the shot then 20 more Vaaduar assasins fired at the Knuckonian Royal Gaurds . Beastie went out and Rooster and the others tried to fight their way to rescue Junibell but in the confussen Beastie was Captured by the Knuckonians the Vaadwaur escaped but only 3 of them where killed . Junibell when the Forrest Being Chaised by Knuckonian Royals Rooster Tried to rescue but but more Knuckonian Forces and was forces to to beam to another part of the planet with a beaming device in their suits .Junibell ran as fast she could but she ran to a waterfall she stand still and froze as she knotice a yell from a Kuckonian Rok Rekro avok til! (Hey She's over here there! .) and another Said Ofaal Ek! (GET HER!).. Junibell closed her eyes and Jumped into the water as the knuckonians forces starting fireing they ran saw her fell in the river at a distance ..

Later Rooster and the ODST Team Arrived with Shepard

Shepard : Vaadwuar are you Sure ?

Rooster : Yes its seems the Lion Alliance are ready to join in the War

Silver Eye : What was Junibell thinking she ALMOST GOT us Killed

Rooster : Sto IT Silver Eye

Shepard : And Beastie ?

Rooster : He got captured during the firefight trying to rescue junibell .

Shepard : And you Said Sleacherling owns the Prison Systems yes ?

Rooster : Yes

Shepard : Alright return to the normandy we'll had this .

Rooster : But Commander Junibell and Beastie .

Shepard : I know solder but i know what Sleacherling is Capable of so return to the Normandy we'll rescue Junibell and Beastie Alright .

Rooster : Alright Let's go people .

after Rooster and the others beamed out Shepard Calms The Shadow Raptor

Shepard : Shadow Raptor we have a problem

Shadow Raptor : What is it ?

Shepard : Sleacherling is involve in the War know

Shadow Raptor : May God Help us all ...

Meanwhile, in the Morning an old Knuckonian fisherman, his son and grandson were walking in the shore to their wooden fishing boat when they Found someone in the shore and it was Junibell . Father Look said the Son and the Grandfather said She's an Irathient in a ODST Armor ? .. then they Knotice a Knuckonian Military Dropship and the Grand Father said Quick Hide her we cant let the Military Corps find her.

To be continued...