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Earth, also known as Sol III or Terra, was the inhabited third planet of the Sol system. Earth was the homeworld of the Humans and the Voth, amongst others, and was the capital planet of the United Federation of Planets.

In 2150, with the last nation-states joining, the planet was unified under the United Earth government. It was a founding member of the Coalition of Planets in 2155, and of the United Federation of Planets in 2161. The President's office, the Federation Council, as well as Starfleet Headquarters and the main branch of Starfleet Academy were located on Earth. During the Dominion War, Earth's strategic importance was on par with worlds like Andoria, Berengaria VII, and Vulcan.[citation needed]

Starfleet Academy was located in the city of San Francisco on Earth.[1][2] Earth Spacedock was a space facility that maintained an orbit around the planet.[3]

History Edit

During the 19th century, parts of Earth were referred to as the "Old West."[4]

An old form of communications known as Morse code was once used on Earth. By the 24th century, its use had all but died out, however it was still utilized under special circumstances.[5]

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Earth was located in the Alpha Quadrant.[6]

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