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Drozana Station was a space station located in the Drozana system, near the Federation-Klingon border, that was operated by Starfleet in the late-23rd century and later abandoned until the Ferengi took possession of it a century later.

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Sometime in 2409, the station began experiencing strange environmental disturbances. A Section 31 operative, Ze'mara, was stationed there when this began happening, and Section 31 lost contact with her shortly after. She had reported that several patrons had witnessed "spectral figures" wandering around the station. Because of this, Franklin Drake sent the USS Leviathan there to investigate, believing the Devidians to be behind the activity.[1]

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Drozana was situated in the Drozana system. According to Franklin Drake, it was a "semi-neutral site," although Jason Fredricks warned his crewmates that "[it] isn't generally known for its 'family friendly' atmosphere."[2]

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