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The Dragon Alliance was formed following the Iconian War of 2412 by the Knuckonian Empire, the Voth, and the Safecinians.[1] The alliance was built on war and conquest.

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More militaristic than the Eagle Alliance, the Dragons still maintained a peace treaty with the Eagles for more than three hundred years. The Dragon Alliance was very territorial, preventing outcasts and the other two alliances from approaching their borders, yet still maintaining their treaty. The peace was broken when reports of one of their mega colonies that held two hundred billion people was devastated by a ship that appeared to be Federation, killing more than eight billion. The Dragon Alliance was quick to assemble their vast fleets and ground troops and wage war against the Eagle Alliance. Although evidence was blurred to both alliances, it was the work of Section 31, a part of the Lion Alliance, to stage the attack on the Dragon Alliance colony.

The Knuckonians were led by an old Alchemist Guild, the Dracomancers, who defeated the Daleks, the Volge, the Cylons, the Vasari, and the Morphs 1000 years ago.

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