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The Dracomancers were once a rebel alchemist slave guild against the Illuminati in 850 BC. Eventually, they split into two groups, the warring Dragon Dracomancers and the peaceful Phoenix Dracomancers.[1]

History Edit

The Dragon Dracomancers vowed revenge against the Illuminati and the Legiónes of Darkness, but their lust for revenge had poisoned most of their minds which drove them into an ugly civil war that lasted through 900 BC to 1450 AD. The Dragon Dracomancers who survived, along with their leader Drakontos, began assembling numbers of followers, not just Humans or Mythic Beings, but also the ruthless Knuckonians. They recruited three Knuckonians, Gyegar, Klarrn and Sleacherling. The Dragon Dracomancers where believed to be time travelers and used universal conduits with their powerful gauntlets. Also, unknown reports said that the Dragon Dracomancers were one of the factions in the Temporal Cold war. The Dragon Dracomancers were extremely ruthless before and after their wars with the Illuminati, but what happened to the Phoenix Dracomancers? Some believed they died out, while others believed they still lived on, using their abilities and medicines to help the universe to thrive in a brighter future.[1]

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