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"Diplomatic Orders" is the fourth chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, written in August 2013 and published on 4 September 2013 by CaptFredricks.

A seemingly routine mission to escort a Vulcan ambassador to the P'Jem monastery goes awry when the Klingons claim that he is an Undine spy.

Teaser Edit

Jason Fredricks awakes and asks the computer for the time. It responds with "Zero five thirty," and he complains that it's morning already. He gets up and takes a shower. When he returns to the bedroom, his computer is beeping, indicating he's receiving a message. Tala Jones appears on the screen and tells him that they are receiving a priority message from Admiral Jorel Quinn. Jason tells her he will take the message there in his quarters. Quinn appears on the screen and tells him he has an important mission for the USS Leviathan: escort Ambassador Sokketh from Vulcan to the monastery on P'Jem. Quinn does not want to risk the ambassador's life in the event that Klingon vessels are lurking in the area. Jason agrees and tells Quinn to consider it a personal favor.

Act One: A Simple Mission Edit

Lucas Wells, Ernie Hauser, and Hannah Freeman are gathered in the mess hall eating breakfast. Lucas makes a joke about the laws of physics, which Ernie finds funny but Hannah does not.

Act Two: Road to P'Jem Edit

Act Three: Impostor Edit

Characters Edit

Starships Edit

  1. USS Leviathan (Teaser)
  2. Plok'tau (Act Three)
  3. USS Kirk

Locations Edit

  1. Vulcan (Act One)
  2. P'Jem system (Act Two)
  3. P'Jem (Act Three)

Referenced only Edit

  1. Earth Spacedock (Act One)
  2. Azha system (Act Two)

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Memorable quotes Edit

" he said, 'You can't change the laws of physics,' then I replied, 'Why not? They used to do it all the time!"
"That's pretty good."
"I don't get it."
"Well, you see, that was the joke... Captain T'Vana thought it was amusing, and she's a damn Vulcan."

Lucas Wells, Ernie Hauser, and Hannah Freeman

"Can I get you something to drink, sir?"
"Yes, I'll take a shot of Saurian brandy."
"Ah, yes, the usual poison."
"Do you think it's wise to drink that before you go on duty, sir?"
"I need some pick-me-up."

Crusoe, Jason Fredricks, and Hannah Freeman

"Wake me when we get there."
"You realize your shift is in ten minutes, right?"
"You realize you're cutting into my sleep time?"
"Always was a problem child..."

Lucas Wells and Jason Fredricks

"My parents wanted me to be a chef, but I wanted to study science. They realized this, and they began to push me to learn as many skills as I could. So, there I was one day, headed for the pilot training class, and here I am now."
"I guess it would be wise not to underestimate scientists, then."

Ernie Hauser and Jason Fredricks

"It's... blander than I expected. Definitely not an ideal vacation spot."
"It seems to reflect the Vulcans' personalities pretty well."

Jason Fredricks and Ernie Hauser

"Ambassador Sokketh has requested permission to go to P'Jem, and I understand you have denied him. Everything is in order with Starfleet Command, so I'm not certain why—"
"Captain, if he can not give me a more logical reason than to simply visit the abbot for some 'pressing issue' that he cannot disclose to me, I will not allow it. P'Jem is a sacred monastery of our people. I am... sorry."
"We will ensure that it stays that way. I give you my word. Admiral Quinn has put his utmost faith in myself and my crew, and we will not fail."
"It is not you or your crew that I distrust. Sokketh has been acting quite peculiarly since his return from your Earth Spacedock. Nevertheless, Admiral Quinn is an honorable man and a friend of Vulcan. I will grant this on one condition: keep a close eye on the ambassador."

Jason Fredricks and Savin

"You have a spy aboard your ship, captain."
"Well, you cut right to the point, don't you?"
"The Vulcan ambassador on your ship is a filthy Undine spy. Turn him over to us, or we will open fire!"
"Do you have proof of this?"
"PetaQ! You dare insult my honor?"
"Hold on now, I didn't—"
"Prepare to die!"

— a Klingon captain and Jason Fredricks

"Is something wrong, captain?"
"No, everything's fine."
"There is much emotion on your face, captain. It seems my deception has been exposed. No matter, soon the abbot will be replaced. You and your crew will die."

Sokketh impostor and Jason Fredricks

"What will happen to me? Am I to become your prisoner?"
"We were all deceived by the Undine. Once we've taken care of him, you'll be returned to your people. You have my word."
"What an interesting Human you are, captain. Perhaps not all of you are the worms you're made out to be."

— a Klingon officer and Jason Fredricks

"Undine vessel, this is Captain Jason Fredricks of the USS Leviathan. Please state your intentions."
"This is the Undine vessel Plok'tau. Our intention is to destroy you and your civilization."
"Why does everyone we talk to want to kill us?"
"I don't know, but it's starting to piss me off."

Jason Fredricks, an Undine, and Lucas Wells

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