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"Descendants of the Ban Tribe" is the sixth chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written in January 2016 and published on 14 May 2017. It is authored by Gornintheusa and proofread by CaptFredricks.

The former crew of the USS Iroquois transfer to a new vessel, the USS Arrowhead, as Captain Howlingmoon recounts the tragic history of the Ban Tribe. Elsewhere, the Lion Alliance plans an attack on Earth and Mars.


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Background and trivia[]

  • The chapter was called "Descendants of Ban Tribe" for a while, but Gornintheusa had originally intended to name it "Descendants of the Ban Tribe", so CaptFredricks changed it back to its original title.


Author: Gornintheusa
Published: 14 May 2017

Junibell woke up in her quarters. Her captain had a new ship and was ready to face the Dragon Alliance fleets; the ship was an Odyssey-class tactical cruiser named the USS Arrowhead. Junibell got dressed into her uniform to study as Elisa Flores woke up, yawning.

"Good morning, sour puss. How was your rest?" Elisa asked sleepily.

Junibell knew she was joking. "It was good," she replied, smiling. She turned her attention back to studying her Starfleet training.

Elisa got out of the bed, and she was naked. "You know, I actually enjoyed that time in bed last night – well, besides the biting – I think next time we should have sex on Howlingmoon's desk," she said, leaning on Junibell's shoulders.

"I don't think so," Junibell said in a disapproving tone. "The captain taught me to act more mature... after all, I used to be an aggressive brat."

Elisa sighed. "Alright..."

Junibell kissed Elisa. "Get dressed."

"What for? Are we going out while we're still in Earth's orbit?"

"Just get dressed already!"

Elisa snorted. "Anything for you, milady."

Meanwhile, on Earth Spacedock, Howlingmoon was in her office as her new first officer arrived. It was a young female Romulan with brown pigtailed hair, silver eyes, and pale white skin whose name was Sukala, daughter of Three and Tovan Khev.

"Hello, captain. Sukala Khev, at your service," Sukala introduced herself.

"I heard about your mother; she was a good woman," Howlingmoon replied.

"Yes, my father told me about her. All those years growing up without her were tough."

"I understand. My mother committed suicide after suffering from PTSD."

"What happened?"

Howlingmoon hesitated. "You've heard of the massacre of the Ban Tribe, right?"

"Yes. I heard General Esdeath left only some leaders, the elders, and children. There were hardly any of them left after the remnants were nearly killed off by bandits and dangerous beasts. A few took refuge from other western tribes within Emperia."

Howlingmoon nodded. "Well, my mother was one of the survivors. She was a young child who was forced to watch her mother be raped and killed on a haystack by Esdeath's soldiers; it scarred her for life. When she was a bit older she met my father after a hunting accident. He was very kind to her. The times with father and mother were the happiest times of my life, but it couldn't remove the evil that Esdeath brought upon her. In the process of her mental anguish, she committed suicide. And it's not just her... there are so many others that Esdeath hurt as well.

Sukala hung her head. "That is so sad, captain. I'm very sorry for your loss."

"Thank you. Esdeath is no different from the European settlers who took over the New World on Earth centuries ago. The reason I recruited you is that I need the best I can get, especially if Esdeath will be sent to attack the Eagle Alliance."

"If you want me to be your first officer, I'll gladly serve."

"Good. It's time to test out this new ship, don't you agree?" Howlingmoon asked, smiling.


In the capital of Kelvan Prime, the Lion Council had ordered the Terran Empire to target Earth and Mars and occupy them. Leeta, however, was not pleased they sent someone to assist and monitor; the person was none other than Esdeath, the Ice Demon. With her ice-blue eyes and long hair and pale white skin, she was beautiful, but inside was a demon that preyed on those it considered weak.

"It would seem my armies will be coming along to assist you," Esdeath said.

"I'm not surprised they sent you, General Esdeath. Unlike you, however, my powers come from the Pah-wraiths. Soon everything will be mine," Leeta responded sharply.

"We'll see." Esdeath gave her a sadistic grin.

Empress Leeta had demon fire powers given to her by the Pah-wraiths, and Esdeath obtained ice powers from the demon's extract. Both were evenly matched and never got along and soon would tear each other apart. Esdeath, however, was getting tired of having a hard time learning new torture methods since Crell Moset was killed by Beastie. Additionally, with limited torture victims and captured rebels committing suicide before she got the chance to torture them, her patience began to wear thin. She grabbed her handbook and started thinking of new methods for the day she would capture Beastie and his companions, but her mind began to drift when she noticed the picture she drew of Tatsumi and the one of her holding onto Tatsumi's shoulders.

"Hmm... they're still not right," Esdeath mused, staring at the pictures.

"What's not right, Esdeath?" Leeta asked.

"My torture methods..."

"Erm... by the way, the reason we're going to Earth and Mars is because Mars is where Red Faction was formed and Earth is where Beastie was born," Leeta said, side-stepping Esdeath's lamentations. "We're going because Beastie killed his last target. It's time to make the Humans deal with that fucking snake or we'll go to war with them!"

"Sounds like fun," Esdeath grinned. "I've always wanted to see the origin of our Human species."

The reason General Esdeath said that is because she loved the wars and other disturbing events that happened in Earth's past, like the Spanish Inquisition, the Nazi death camps, the massacres on Indian grounds, the US prisons, and many others. Her favorites, though were the torturous acts committed by people like Vlad the Impaler, Nazi scientist Josef Mengele, world leaders like Joseph Stalin and Ghengis Khan, and the corrupt governments like the US and China. Esdeath loved Earth's history of war, torture, slavery, and genocide committed on those considered weak; however, the one thing she didn't like about Earth was the peaceful side and how humanity became an inter-species alliance known as the United Federation of Planets that was dedicated to exploration. Esdeath viewed peace as a sign of weakness; if she had been on Earth, she would've made an example of them long ago.

In the cells of a Helghast prison cruiser Spear and Doya were arguing, but Three was busy thinking up an escape plan for when they would get close to Crono 15.

"My father was a good man!" Spear screamed.

"Oh yeah? Well, your father is dead just like mine and Henter's tribe, and your empire is gone. And all the while you're whining about your father, Esdeath is laughing at our pitiful existence in this cell," Doya retorted.

"You think my father wanted this to happen?! You 'Hero of the North' and your northern tribe blame him for everything, but he was against Minister Honest. He protested to stop the madness, but he was overruled, and now he's dead thanks to Esdeath!"

"Heh, I guess what Esdeath said was true. He was weak," Doya scoffed.

"I remember your hero Numa Seika being stripped naked and put in a chain collar, forced to lick Esdeath's boots before she killed him."

"Well, at least he put up a fight, unlike you and your father."

Spear attempted to attack Doya, but Three intervened. "Stop! Look at you two; don't you see Esdeath wants you to fight each other? Spear, I know you want to avenge your father, and Doya you want to avenge your tribe, but this is not the way to go about it," Three said, standing between them.

Doya frowned. "I would've succeeded in getting vengeance if that crazy little schoolgirl Korume hadn't killed me and turned me into her undead puppet."

"She's right, Doya. We should stop fighting each other," Spear conceded.

"Indeed. It's time we put our differences aside," Three said.

Spear and Doya nodded in agreement.

Three turned to Henter. "You seem to be quite calm."

"I was taught by our elders the art of meditation to calm our spiritual emotions," Henter said in a shadowy voice.

"Even though the Ban Tribe lost their fight against Esdeath, they were brave," Three said.

"While it's true we were no match for the Ice Demon and her army, when the time comes she will be slain, and the spirits she trapped in this universe will rest in peace."

"Have any of you wondered why the priestess brought us back to life?" Spear asked.

"I don't know, but I hope Sleacherling doesn't find Sybok. We have to somehow escape to warn the Eagle Alliance what Faal Mahlaan and the Zenith Alliance are up to," Three replied.

Three had already learned why she and the others were resurrected by the priestess. The way she saw things, it couldn't be without good reason. Those resurrected were the good minister's daughter, a cheerful northern tribe woman, and a mysterious red-masked man who was wise. It made sense to bring back fallen warriors to become heroes.