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"Descendants of the Ban Tribe" is the sixth chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written in January 2016 by Gornintheusa. It was proofread by CaptFredricks and published on 14 May 2017.

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Characters Edit

Starships Edit

  1. USS Arrowhead (Teaser)

Locations Edit

  1. Earth Spacedock (Act One)

Referenced only Edit

  1. Earth (Teaser)
  2. Emperia (Act One)
  3. Kelvan Prime
  4. Mars
  5. Crono 15 (Act Two)

Other references Edit

Background and trivia Edit

  • The chapter was called "Descendants of Ban Tribe" for a while, but Gornintheusa had originally intended to name it "Descendants of the Ban Tribe", so CaptFredricks changed it back to its original title.

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