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David "Davie" Hauser was a male Human chef and owner of Pike's Kitchen in Tycho City, Luna. He ran the small restaurant with his wife, Micha, and wished for their son, Ernie, to follow in their footsteps and become a chef. Ernie, however, desired to join Starfleet against his parents' wills. David died in 2409 following a bombing in Tycho City nearby the restaurant.[1]

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David Hauser was born sometime in 2361.[2]

David and his wife Micha's son, Ernie, was born in December 2385, when David was 24 years old. The Hausers lived in Tycho City, Luna, where they owned and ran a small diner named Pike's Kitchen.

On stardate 73690.1, one of David's old friends, Gerry Collins, paid him a visit at the diner. They exchanged friendly insults, such as "tree hugger" and "the boy who would be chef," before David introduced Gerry to Micha. After finding out that Ernie had chosen the name of the restaurant, naming it after his hero, Captain Pike, Gerry asked if Ernie had a desire to enter Starfleet. David told him that they had no desire to encourage him in the endeavor, even believing such an idea to be foolish and dangerous. He felt that Ernie "could make a perfectly good life for himself here, even if he doesn't become a chef."[3]

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On stardate 83626.4, several augmented Gorn created by geneticist Amar Singh bombed Tycho City, and David and Micha were two of the victims. Both were put in critical care, but David died the following night. The doctors were, however, able to stabilize Micha.[4]

David was only 48 years old at the time of his death.[5]

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