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Dagan was a male Cardassian who served in the Zenith Alliance during the 2380s as operations officer of the IKS GhIqtal.

Owing his former allegiance to the Cardassian Union, he betrayed his people to join the Zenith's quest to dominate the galaxy.

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By 2380, Dagan was serving aboard the Zenith Alliance's flagship, IKS GhIqtal, as its chief of operations. He joined a boarding party sent by Captain Kardok to the Federation starship USS Enterprise-E, to apprehend Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Their mission was a success, and Picard was brought aboard the GhIqtal in their custody.[1]

Soon after, Dagan began to notice questionable decisions made by Kardok, including allowing the Enterprise to survive, despite their orders to destroy it. He challenged Kardok to a duel for command, which led to him nearly defeating Kardok. Kardok would not be beaten, however, and intended to toss him out an airlock, as Dagan had planned to do had he been the victor. Picard intervened, and Dagan's life was spared, much to Kardok's chagrin. Kardok then had Maglus throw Dagan in the brig.[a]

Later on, as Vana Aleksandrov intended to take control of the ship, she freed Dagan from the brig, on the condition that he kill Captain Picard. Dagan then took a security detail to the quarters Picard and his senior staff had been given, and attempted to take Picard's life. Dagan managed to pin Picard down, with a knife to his throat. At the last minute, Lieutenant Commander Miranda Kadohata broke free from the security guard who was holding her, and grabbed Dagan from behind, though he was able to stab her in the stomach and break free of her grasp. Picard then knocked Dagan down, taking his knife and holding it at his throat. Dagan called off his men, but they did not listen to him. Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge fought them off, shooting two while the other barely escaped. Having witheld the information Picard wanted, he then knocked Dagan unconscious.[2]

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  1. The typical tradition on a Klingon vessel was that only the second-in-command could directly challenge the captain for command of the vessel. J'dan was the executive officer, but he had died by this point. It is not clear who was next in line after him, though it is possible the third-in-command was, in fact, Dagan. Another possibility is, though serving on a Klingon vessel, the Zenith operatives did not hold to the Klingon tradition. This does not necessarily seem to be the case, however, since Kardok ran the ship very much like a KDF vessel.

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