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Délia Molnár[1] was a female Human who lived during the 25th century. She served in Starfleet as a sciences division officer on the USS Leviathan and held the rank of ensign[2] until her death in 2409.[1]

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She was of Hungarian descent.[citation needed]

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  • Délia was created specifically to be killed off in the opening scene of "War Is Good for Business", to add to Jason Fredricks' motivation to leave Starfleet.
  • Délia was named Liza Fré until a 2020 revision of "War Is Good for Business".
    • Since the revision, her species, rank, and Starfleet division are now explicitly stated.
  • Her nationality is likely Hungarian. Her given name is a variant of the name Delia, which means "of Delos" in Greek,[3] and her surname means "miller".[4]

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