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D'Ghor was a male Klingon who lived during the 24th century. He was the head of a wealthy Klingon family and long-standing enemy of the House of Kozak. He was also the father of Zenith Alliance operative Kardok.

Biography Edit

D'Ghor hoped to take over the House of Kozak, but did not wish to risk destroying it by challenging them openly. Instead, from 2366 to 2371, he began systematically attacking the House's financial assets, weakening the house financially.

When Kozak, the head of the House, died in an accident in 2371, apparently killed in self-defense by a Ferengi named Quark, D'Ghor traveled to Deep Space 9 posing as Kozak's brother to learn the truth. Quark maintained his story that he had killed Kozak. Since Kozak had apparently died in personal combat and not under unusual circumstances, it prevented the possibility of allowing Kozak's widow Grilka from taking over the House and would allow D'Ghor to take over.

Grilka worked to prevent this by marrying Quark, causing her house to become the House of Quark. Quark then brought evidence before the Klingon High Council of D'Ghor's financial attacks. D'Ghor, in response, challenged Quark to a fight to the death.

Quark refused to defend himself, knowing that he couldn't possibly defeat D'Ghor, making it nothing more than an honorless execution. D'Ghor was prepared to strike Quark down anyway when Chancellor Gowron intervened, accusing D'Ghor of having no honor. D'Ghor suffered an immediate discommendation and was ejected from the council. By contrast, Quark was commended as a Ferengi of unusual bravery.[1]

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Family Edit

Tavana Edit

He took Tavana to be his wife in 2365. Though quite young, she was wise, and began to mistrust him after he began attacking the House of Kozak. He claimed he was strengthening their house, but she knew his lust for power would ruin them. By 2371, Tavana had left him alone, with only his son, Kardok, and his dishonor. Tavana joined the Klingon Defense Force, and left their daughter, Kalara, in the care of her grandmother.[2]

Klingon Empire Edit

B'vat Edit

B'vat called Kardok the "son of a miserable petaQ". He had previously advised the Klingon High Council to reject reinstatement of Kardok's (and by extension, D'Ghor's) family name following its disbarment.[3]

Orion Syndicate Edit

Hassan the Undying Edit

Hassan seemed to know D'Ghor, but the true nature of their relationship was not revealed. He claimed to be a "friend of the family". After D'Ghor's ejection from the High Council, Hassan began pushing Kardok and Kalara into the realm of underworld dealings through the Orion Syndicate.[4]

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