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Crusoe was a male El-Aurian who lived during the 24th and 25th centuries. He served as the bartender of the USS Leviathan as of 2409.[1]


Crusoe was quite charismatic. Many crew members would talk to him about their problems.[citation needed]


Crusoe was present on the USS Leviathan on 28 January 2409 (83164.0), shortly before it was attacked by the IKS Chot and most of its senior staff perished.[1]

On 23 August (83685.3), Crusoe witnessed a feud between junior officers who were clashing over the possibility of a mutiny.[2]



Jason Fredricks[]

Crusoe and Jason already had a bit of a rapport by early 2409, and they were on a first name basis. When Jason asked for a Saurian brandy, Crusoe made sure he was off duty before getting the drink for him, as per Captain Taggart's policy.[1]

On one occasion, Crusoe served Jason a shot of Saurian brandy as a "pick-me-up" before his duty shift.[3][a]

On 25 February (83234.7), Jason requested something "strong" to drink. Crusoe presented him with a bottle of vintage Romulan ale, telling him that he should try some Klingon bloodwine if the Romulan ale wasn't strong enough. He then gave Jason relationship advice about his former girlfriend, Lenerea Mendel.[4]


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  1. This seems to go against his earlier hesitation to serve alcohol to on-duty officers.