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Chelsea was a female Human who formerly served as a member of Night Raid and was in possession of the Teigu known as Gaea Foundation.[1]

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Chelsea was a former member of the assassin group known as Night Raid,[2] which was disbanded by Lord Sleacherling, who saw the group as a threat to the Dragon Alliance.[3]

At some point she was critical of fellow Night Raid members Sheele and Bulat, who had died, and Beastie never forgave her. In 2700, Beastie was preparing to go on a mission to assassinate a Cardassian doctor named Crell Moset. When Leone (another former Night Raid member) asked if she and Chelsea could join the mission, Beastie permitted Leone but refused to allow Chelsea to go. Though Chelsea did not display her emotions in front of them, she went to her room and broke down crying.[4]

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Leone and Chelsea were both friends from their time in Night Raid together. Even after the group's dissolution, the two remained on close terms, and Leone defended Chelsea when Beastie would not allow her to go with them on an assassination mission.[5]

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Beastie, another former Night Raid member, partially blamed Chelsea for Mine and Tatsumi's suffering at the hands of Esdeath after Chelsea's criticism of Sheele and Bulat, who had died earlier. Beastie refused to allow her on at least one mission for this reason. His attitude toward her caused her great distress, leaving her crying in her room.[6]

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