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Cassidy was a Human merchant who owned a small store on Drozana Station in the 23rd century. In 2265, the Devidians invaded the station, posing as a group of Klingons. They soon revealed their true nature, attacking the people there. Cassidy managed to hide in her store, but afterward she was quite shaken up.

Scotty had Lucas Wells and Kardok find her so she could give them a quantum flux regulator to assist him with reducing the triolic radiation building up on the station. She could not help them right away, as she was too terrified from the Devidians' attack. Kardok had the bartender prepare her a nerve tonic which calmed her. She then gave them the quantum flux regulator and they took it to Scotty.[1]

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  • Cassidy is based on her Star Trek Online counterpart who appears in the mission with the same name as the chapter she appears in.
  • Based on dialog in "Night of the Comet", Scotty seemed to have a bit of a crush on her.

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