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The Borg Collective was an interstellar organization led by the Borg Queen and made up of Borg drones who served the Queen.

At some point during the 2360s, Hillary Clinton took on the role of the Queen, with her husband Bill making use of the Borg's resources to tantalize other species. Bill was later assimilated for "sullying the name of [the] Collective."

The Collective seemed primarily concerned with adding other species' "sexual distinctiveness" to their own, and the Queen had a particular interest in Jean-Luc Picard (whom she nicknamed "Lo-cute-us"). The Borg were very active under Hillary; Picard received news that they had assimilated "several new planets," and Q, having been kicked out of the Q Continuum, was imprisoned and tortured by the Queen.

The Collective was dealt a strong blow by a new weapon unleashed by Reginald Barclay that was designed to attract Gorn ravager vessels. The Gorn began invading the Queen's vessel when the Borg were further crippled by sabotage from an individual named B.S., who planted some sort of bomb that was detonated when his voice message to the Queen was played.[1]

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