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We are the Borg. Lower your pants and surrender your virginities. We will add your sexual distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile.
The Borg
2360s ("Shut Up, Wesley!")

The Borg were a species ruled by a Queen[1] that hunted other vessels for individuals to "penetrate," adding their "sexual distinctiveness" to their Collective.[2]

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The Borg were ruled by a Queen. At some point in the 2360s, Hillary Clinton began serving in this role. As their queen, she "assimilated several new planets" and imprisoned a disgraced Q, subjecting him to forced BDSM sessions.[1]

The Borg often traveled in massive ships called cubes, which they used to disable their victims' ships in preparation for "penetration." Even a single cube could be quite formidable; one disabled the USS Enterprise-D with a single volley of phasers and photon torpedoes.[3]

During one encounter, the Borg trapped the Enterprise and were about to assimilate its crew, but Lieutenant Reginald Barclay unleashed a secret new weapon that he had created on them. At first it seemed to be uneffective, but rather than destroying the Borg outright, it attracted Gorn ravagers to the Borg, allowing the Enterprise time to escape.

As the Gorn began transporting over to the main Borg vessel, Hillary stated that, "We Borg adapt quickly." The computer informed her that she had an unheard message from B.S., which simply said, "Revenge." The Borg vessel exploded, and likely all aboard perished.[4]

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