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Bomari was a star system. In 2409, the Klingon Empire was using the system as a base for part of their listening post network,[1] which also included a base in the Paulson Nebula.[2] The base was discovered by Starfleet Intelligence and its location was passed on to the crew of the USS Leviathan by Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn. In a message composed to Jason Fredricks, Quinn instructed them to destroy the base using spacial charges.[1]

The Leviathan located the base on a large asteroid within the system, protected by a deflector shield generated by satellites. After the shield was disabled, an away team was sent down to disable the listening post. They succeeded despite facing harsh resistance, and downloaded the Klingons' data prior to destroying the base.[3] Afterward, the Leviathan assisted a group of Klingon vessels in defeating an Undine dreadnought in the system. The Klingons then left the system, apparently no longer interested in the ruined listening post.[4]

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