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"Blaise Z. Moreau" was a cover name taken on by a male Romulan who lived during the 25th century. He served in the Tal Shiar and infiltrated the crew of the USS Leviathan to assist Jarek Davis in his takeover of the ship.

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On stardate 83295.3 (2409), Moreau came aboard the USS Leviathan from Starbase 114 while it was briefly visiting the station. Given that he was a weapons specialist, Commander Jarek Davis elected to station him on the bridge.[1]

He was later left in command of the bridge while Davis went down to the Treasure Trading Station, but was soon relieved from command when Tala Jones and the rest of the senior staff retook control of the bridge. Presumably, he was taken to the same "secure prison facility" as Davis.[2]

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  • Moreau was originally named "Jules Vanden" (and currently still is in "Treasure Trading Station"). He was added to "War Is Good for Business" in a 2020 revision of the chapter and was renamed in the process. It is now revealed how he comes aboard the USS Leviathan.
  • Moreau is named for the Harry Potter character Blaise Zabini.
  • His given name is French and is Latin in origin.[3] His surname is also French and is a diminutive of the Latin name Maurus, which means "dark-skinned".[4]

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