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"Beware the Golden Dragon" is the first chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written in December 2014 and published on 28 January 2015. It is authored by Gornintheusa and proofread by CaptFredricks.

Three hundred years have passed since the deadly Iconian War of 2412. Three major alliances have formed from the ashes, and a long-lasting peace ensued. Some members of the alliances do not want peace, however. They will go to great lengths to bring about an end to peace.

Teaser[edit | edit source]

The Iconian War of 2412 marked the defeat of Species 8472 and the destruction of the Iconians. The Federation and its allies began to flourish in the years following this deadly war. Soon, three alliances formed; the Eagle Alliance, led by the Federation; the Dragon Alliance, led by the ancient and mysterious Knuckonians, and the Lion Alliance, dominated by the Vaadwaur and the Romulan Star Empire.

Act I[edit | edit source]

Three years later, in 2699, Starfleet officers Treav and Teatay are training in a holodeck simulation of a forest.

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  1. USS Iroquois (Act II)

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  1. USS Leviathan (Act II)
  2. USS Voyager

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