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"Beware the Golden Dragon" is the first chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written in December 2014 and published on 28 January 2015. It is authored by Gornintheusa and proofread by CaptFredricks.

Three hundred years have passed since the deadly Iconian War of 2412. Three major alliances have formed from the ashes, and a long-lasting peace ensued. Some members of the alliances do not want peace, however. They will go to great lengths to bring about an end to peace.



The Iconian War of 2412 marked the defeat of Species 8472 and the destruction of the Iconians. The Federation and its allies began to flourish in the years following this deadly war. Soon, three alliances formed; the Eagle Alliance, led by the Federation; the Dragon Alliance, led by the ancient and mysterious Knuckonians, and the Lion Alliance, dominated by the Vaadwaur and the Romulan Star Empire.

Act I[]

Three years later, in 2699, Starfleet officers Treav and Teatay are training in a holodeck simulation of a forest.



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Background and trivia[]


Author: Gornintheusa
Published: 28 January 2015

Much had changed since the defeat of Species 8472 and the extinction of the Iconians, during the Iconian War of 2412. Throughout the following centuries, the Federation and its allies began to expand, with longer lifespans and population increases. Technology began to advance, and all major powers in every galaxy were formed into three alliances. After the Federation discovered the Knuckonian Empire and their conquered alien allies in 2499, an uneasy truce was made with the Vaadwaur, the Romulan Empire, Cardassians, Tholians, Elachi, Kazon, Scarrans, the Dominion of the True Link, the Anti Federation, Vulcan, Human and Klingon colonies known as the Britannians, the Human Dominion, as well as the genocidal Terran Empire from the mirror universe. The three alliances were formed with one for the Federation (the Eagle Alliance), one for the Knuckonians (the Dragon Alliance), and one for the Vaadwaur and Romulan Star Empire (the Lion Alliance).

In the Eagle Alliance, it was uneasy to settle since the Sangheili and the species that followed them split and joined both the Eagle and Dragon Alliance after the covenant fell. After the Iconian War, many species, including those of the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, the Humans of the UNSC and Sera, and UCN, including the Federation, hated them for glassing (burning) many planets during the Iconian War. The peace lasted for almost three hundred years.

Every Human and alien of the Eagle Alliance worked together as equals, and every species was happy, including the severed Borg. The severed Borg were banished from the Dragon Alliance before the Borg Collective disappeared a year before the end of the Iconian War. The Dragon Alliance gathered all Borg-assimilated men, women and children and exiled them by pointing their guns at them, even though they were shedding tears. No one knew what happened to the exiled Borg, but rumors said the Borg Cooperative found them and they joined them. The Dragon Alliance had Human members before Earth restarted to the Dinosaur Times after the Great Cataclysm many years ago, and also had creatures from fairy tail stories like Elves, Fairies, Orcs, Argonians, Dwarves and many more. They also had vengeful Post-Cataclysm Humans, the Helghast, the Eastern Alliance, and the Enclave. The three Prime Races were the Knuckonians, the Voth, and the Safecinians, as well as their allies the Morphs, the Volge, the Vasari, the Skaarj and their slave races, the Volge, the Cylons, and the Daleks. The Dragon Alliance remained territorial, but still allowed non-alliance traders in their sectors.

For almost three hundred years, there was peace, no more war, no more death, but something happened in the year 2696 that changed everything. At a Dragon Alliance colony planet called Draco 1187, an unidentified black Federation ship with a red deflector decloaked and started firing on the cities with mass proton torpedoes, killing men, women and children. The colony held over two hundred billion colonists and the Federation ship kept firing until a Knuckonian battleship and a Helghast cruiser warped into the system after receiving a distress call from the colony. They opened fire on the Federation ship, but it warped out with great speed and disappeared. The Dragon Alliance was unable to chase it down – it was gone without a trace.

On the planet Knucker, home of the Knuckonians, the Dragon Dracomancer leader, Lord Drakontos, who had never shown himself, assembled the council of the Dragon Alliance.

Drakontos played back a message to the council that was recorded by the Knuckonian battleship's captain. "...we don't know how the ship got here, but it's caused mass-damage to the colony with proton torpedoes. Deadly radiation is spreading in the entire colony! We need medical supplies – they can't last much longer down there. It will start to turn into a nuclear winter cloud if we can't contain it!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, hear now, the suffering of our people at the hands of the Federation. We must act quickly to save our colony. Lord Klarrn, what is the current situation on Draco 1187?" Drakontos asked.

"The nuclear cloud has been stopped, and the medical supplies are dropping in for the colonists," Klarrn replied.

"Thomas of Safecinia, casualty count?"

Thomas sighed sadly as he read the report. "The casualties are over eight billion dead and several million wounded. Our medical teams are aiding the colonists as fast as they can."

"It would seem the Eagle Alliance has launched an attack on us," the Cylon leader posed.

"How could they? We have no grudge against them!" the Fairy queen gasped.

Lord Sleacherling stepped forward. "It seems they want war – and if it's war they want, it's war they'll get."

"I've been doing research on the ship that attacked. This ship was no random explorer ship – it was designed for war. Our research tried tracing the warp trails, but they contain chemicals that make it hard to trace. Whoever captains that ship is quite clever," Klarrn added.

"Do I detect a sign of weakness from you, Klarrn? You almost sound like you're siding with them," Drakontos responded.

"No, my lord. It just... doesn't seem right to me. The Eagle Alliance that we all know wanted peace, not war. I can continue my investigation..."

"They are nothing but cutthroats and deceivers and killers. They must be made to pay for their treachery!" Sleacherling violently interrupted.

"No, we cannot have war without proof! Council, please let me continue my investigation before we send our troops."

"If we wait, it will give the Eagle Alliance the chance to strike again. Let us make an example of these United Federation of Liars and their allies."

The council went into an uproar after hearing this.

"Quiet, quiet! It seems we will need to have a vote. All in favor of Klarrn's investigation?" Drakontos said calmly.

An almost unanimous no was chanted through the chamber, with a few yeses almost being drowned out.

"All in favor of Sleacherling's proposed war against the Eagles?"

A resounding yes could be heard across the council chamber.

"Then it is war, Sleacherling. You will lead our fleets and armies to the Eagle Alliance's sector and Klarrn, your forces will assist him. The Eagle Alliance has broken the truce by taking innocent lives, and we will repay them with the blood of their own. Long live the Dragons!"

Klarrn tried to sway the council, but he knew Sleacherling had more supporters than him. On the fields of Knucker, the Dragon Alliance armies and ships in the sky assembled. The Dragon fleets constructed a massive wicker man resembling a Starfleet officer and set it on fire, as every Dragon Alliance soldier, in tears and rage, roared "WAR!" repeatedly. The massive armies of the Dragon Alliance prepared for the following three years, intending to strike on New Year's Eve in 2699.

Meanwhile, the captain of the unidentified Starfleet ship hailed Franklin Drake, of Section 31, while orbiting Jupiter.

"Sir, the mission was a success. The Dragon Alliance is preparing for war," the captain informed Drake.

"Well done, captain. I will inform Empress Sela and Gul Dukat of our success. Soon, the other two alliances will fall, and we will restore order."

After the Iconian War, Section 31 defected to the Lion Alliance, and wanted to see the end of the Eagle and the Dragon Alliances.

Three years later...

Teatay was in a forest, retrieving a flag, but she noticed phaser fire and dodged it. She took out two blue colored soldiers and ran. She hid on top of a tree and cloaked until her pursuers had gone. She then proceeded to retrieve the flag, but was ambushed by a blue soldier. She dodged and fired back, and the blue soldier slipped and fell while trying to dodge her blast. The soldier started laughing.

Teatay sighed. "Computer, end program." She turned to the soldier. "Really Treav?"

Both Treav and Teatay were on the holodeck.

Treav smiled. "Come on, I almost had you."

Teatay shook her head. "By getting yourself killed... that was your brilliant plan?"

Treav removed his helmet. "Relax, it's just a game."

"Even so, in an actual fight, you'd be dead."

"I know, I know. At least we're not dealing with Kazon, Gorn or Vaadwaur."

"Or Knuckonians..."

"Yeah, them too." Treav sighed.

Teatay and Treav said goodbye to both of their teammates after they left the holodeck. Treav and Teatay began holding hands and smiled as they walked. They had met each other at school when they were children. Treav was born in Gunnison, Colorado, on Earth and Teatay was born on Vulcan. She began to use her emotions and became part of an independent Vulcan group that did not believe in suppressing their emotions. Treav became an anthropologist and xenologist, while Teatay became a security chief. When he was younger, Treav had a phobia of reptilian species, following his incident with the Gorn, who put him in a hospital after a bar fight when he was sixteen. He stood his ground against the Gorn, defending his adopted Irathient sister, Junibell. The incident occurred while Treav was visiting Paradise Lost on Nimbus III, while onboard the USS Leviathan, captained by Admiral Jason Fredricks. Treav learned to overcome his xenophobia, but his fears returned when he studied the Knuckonians, who were ten times worse than the Gorn.

While at the Tokyo Academy, Teatay turned eighteen on October 16, 2699, and Treav turned eighteen on December 21. Treav asked Teatay to stay while he checked on his sister Junibell, who requested asylum after her parents were killed by Kazon and Tal Shiar of the Lion Alliance when she was six years old. Junibell was trying to fit in, but she was being bullied by Bajoran students, who were calling her names and making fun of her species. Treav returned to Teatay after speaking with his sister.

"How is she?" Teatay asked.

"She's okay... it's the Bajorans again," Treav replied.

"I see. I don't like Bajorans anyway."

"Well, let's forget about them."

Teatay nodded.

Treav and Teatay were crew members of the USS Iroquois, and advanced retrofit Galaxy-class starship captained by Howlingmoon. The crew of the Iroquois consisted of Humans, Hydronians, Vulcans, Romulans, Bolians, Klingons, Sangheili and Xindi. Treav, Teatay and Junibell were excited to be on the Iroquois, as they heard she had a very experienced crew. On December 25, 2699, Treav and Teatay and Junibell, along with some fresh new recruits, met Captain Howlingmoon, a descendant of Commander Chakotay of the USS Voyager. She kindly greeted Treav and Junibell, and of course Teatay. Treav became the ship's xenologist, Teatay became a security chief and Junibell, a medical assistant.

"It's good to have you three in my crew, and Treav I hope you learn from your mistake back in Paradise Lost," Howlingmoon said.

"Don't worry, I have," Treav replied.

Later, Treav heard a female voice saying, "Beware the Golden Dragon! He is coming to cast flames onto our planets!"

He noticed a Betazoid walk past and exit the shuttlebay.

"You okay, Treav?" Teatay asked.

"Yeah, I'm alright."

Meanwhile, in Risian space, a fleet of eighteen Knuckonian fire siphon ships warped in.

A Knuckonian crewman speaking in Thu'um, told his superior, "Mu Lov faal Krazahd Lotdwinaar [We approach the targets]."

"Pruzah Nu we'll saraan," replied the Knuckonian captain. "Our main targets are Risa, Vulcan, Bajor, Kronos, Defera, New Romulus, Andoria, and Earth. The Dragon Alliance will strike on the Humans' New Year's Eve."