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Beverly Crusher, MD, was a female Human who served in Starfleet during the 2380s as chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise-E.[1] She held the rank of commander as of 2380.[citation needed]

Crusher's son, Wesley, served on the USS Titan as an assistant chief engineer.[2]

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Beverly served as chief medical officer on the USS Enterprise-E in 2380. On stardate 56950.3, the Enterprise was assigned to the Denab system to perform routine exploration. Upon reaching the system, Worf discovered an unidentified vessel that appeared to be disabled. The vessel, which was Klingon, relayed a message to the Enterprise that they required medical and engineering assistance. Captain Picard, wishing to help, sent a small away team over to the vessel, including Dr. Crusher.

Once aboard the vessel, the Klingon crew revealed their true nature, holding the away team hostage. Captain Picard was later taken captive as well, and the small group was made to watch as Kardok, the captain of their captors, gave the order to destroy the Enterprise.[3]

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