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Speak of the dev— uh, I, uh... mean... the messiah, and, uh... he shall... appear.
Barack Obama
2360s ("Shut Up, Wesley!")

Barack Obama was a male Human who served as President of the United States during the early 21st century. Q brought him into the 24th century and placed him in the care of the crew of the USS Enterprise-D in the hopes that he could learn "ethics, honesty, and intestinal fortitude." The Enterprise crew proved him wrong, however, proving to be even less ethical than Obama.[1]

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Sometime during his presidency, Obama was sent to the future to look for potential "jobless people to put on welfare." He arrived in the mid-2360s, aboard the USS Enterprise-D, much to the surprise of the Enterprise crew. He did not explain how he came to be in the 24th century, but it was later revealed that Q was responsible for his time jump.

It was apparent that Captain Picard idolized Obama, and even asked his advice on whether to patrol for Gorn "rapist" vessels, or explore an uncharted system. Obama chose the latter, agreeing that rape was bad, but stating "there could be people in that uncharted system who have money." When they arrived in the uncharted system, the Borg (also obsessed with rape) showed up, telling them to "lower [their] pants and surrender [their] virginities." Obama decided this was not for him, and quickly removed himself from the 24th century.[a] Q then appeared, explaining he had brought Obama there hoping the Enterprise crew could teach him "ethics, honesty, and intestinal fortitude."[2]

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  • President Obama was not originally part of the story of "Shut Up, Wesley!"; CaptFredricks added him to give the story a more random and comic feel.

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  1. There was no explanation given for how Obama was seemingly able to leave the Enterprise of his own volition. It could be assumed that a frustrated Q simply sent him back to the 21st century before appearing himself.

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