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B-4 was a male android who lived during the 24th century. He was the brother of Starfleet Lieutenant Commander Data. Data transferred all of his memory to B-4 prior to his death in 2380, hoping that his less-developed brother could retain his experience and memories and put them to good use. Unfortunately, Data didn't live to see his brother's progression.

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Data transferred his whole memory bank into B-4 in the hopes that his brother could one day become a more contributory member of the USS Enterprise-E's crew. B-4 didn't begin to make progress until after Data was killed, and it was very little progress at that.[1][2]

During the Klingon attack on the Enterprise on stardate 57823.6, B-4 came to the rescue of the bridge crew who were fighting for their lives against Captain Kardok and his crew, who had transported onto the Enterprise's bridge. He forced the Klingons to retreat to their ship, which Worf then destroyed with multiple photon torpedoes.[3]

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  • The idea of B-4's continued progression toward higher intellect is taken from the final scene in Star Trek Nemesis where B-4 sings the lyrics to "Blue Skies", which Data had sung at the beginning of the film.

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