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The Axon in the Donatu system

The Axon[1] was a Keldon-class[citation needed] starship in service to the True Way during the 25th century.

Much of its crew was killed by the Devidians while patrolling the Donatu system in 2409,[1] and it was subsequently taken into possession by the Klingon Empire.[2]

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On stardate 83446.1, the Axon led a group of True Way ships into the Donatu system on a secret mission. The USS Leviathan, aided by a group of Klingon ships, disabled the Axon and sent an away team aboard. Jason Fredricks' team found multiple Cardassians to be dead at the hands of the mysterious Devidians, all neural energy having been drained from their bodies.[1] They reached the Axon's bridge and fought off the lead Devidian. They retrieved the Cardassians' data logs before the Axon was towed to Klingon space by the IKS SuvwI'.[2]

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